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Central Excise - Central Excise - Tariff


Currently Effective Tariff / Exemption Notifications - All

Categorywise effective notifications

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  • Notification No. 12/96-CE dated -23-07-1996

    Fabrics - Woven fabrics, fabrics of cotton or man-made fibres, cylinders and copper rollers - Exempted till 31-7-1996

  • Notification No. 11/96-CE dated -23-07-1996

    Exemption to Amber charkha, parts and components of pistols and rifles produced in Ordnance factories for use by armed forces and police - Amendments to Notification Nos. 76/86-C.E., 167/86-C.E., 198/87-C.E., 212/87-C.E., 62/95-C.E. and 63/95-C.E.

  • Notification No. 010/96-CE dated -23-07-1996

    Exemption to goods within the factory of their production in the manufacture of specified goods

  • Notification No. 009/96-CE dated -23-07-1996

    Additional Duty: Effective rates on certain specified products of tobacco

  • Notification No. 008/96-CE dated -23-07-1996

    Effective rates of duty on specified goods of Chapters 5 to 96

  • Notification No. 07/96-CE dated -01-07-1996

    Exemption to all kinds of goods produced in EOU, FTZ, EHTP, STP units when sold in India - Amendment to Notification No. 2/95-C.E.

  • Notification No. 06/96-CE dated -20-03-1996

    Radio sets and transistor sets - Amendment to Notification No. 48/94-C.E.

  • Notification No. 05/96-CE dated -15-03-1996

    EPZ/FTZ - Exemption to specified goods used in EPZ/FTZ - Amendment to Notification No. 126/94-C.E.

  • Notification No. 04/96-CE dated -04-03-1996

    Denim fabrics or fabrics of yarns of different colours of 3 or 4 thread twill etc. - Amendment to Notification No. 40/95-C.E.

  • Notification No. 03/96-CE dated -17-01-1996

    Pyrimethamine - Notification No. 8/95-C.E. amended [Heading 28.16]

  • Notification No. 02/96-CE dated -09-01-1996

    Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) - Exempted [Heading 30.03]

  • Notification No. 01/96-CE dated -01-01-1996

    Exemption to all goods supplied for SANGRAHA Programme

  • Notification No. 117/95-CE dated -04-12-1995

    Matches packed in boxes of not exceeding 40 matches - Amendment to Notification No. 116/85-C.E

  • Notification No. 116/95-CE dated -13-11-1995

    Railways - Exemption to specified goods intended for Indian Railways and Konkan Railways

  • Notification No. 115/95-CE dated -03-11-1995

    Yarn - Twisted nylon/viscose filament yarn - Amendment to Notification No. 35/95-C.E.

  • Notification No. 114/95-CE dated -01-11-1995

    Areated waters - Tariff values

  • Notification No. 113/95-CE dated -20-10-1995

    Goods for and of 100% EOU - Amendment to Notification Nos. 136/94-C.E. and 1/95-C.E.

  • Notification No. 112/95-CE dated -14-09-1995

    EPZ/FTZ/EOU - Exemption to office equipments - Amendment to Notification Nos. 126/94-C.E., 136/94-C.E., 1/95-C.E. and 10/95-C.E.

  • Notification No. 111/95-CE dated -06-09-1995

    Plastic materials exempted if processed from scrap or waste

  • Notification No. 110/95-CE dated -31-08-1995

    Polyester filament yarn - Dyed, bleached or mercerised - Exempted



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