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SERVICE TAX ON LIQUIDATED DAMAGES Excise duty liabilities on one FG use in other FG within the Factory Export Without Central Excise registration Excise Duty on Tooling developed by Supplier SERIES OF INVOICES service tax credit on commission service received 1% interest penalty when cenvat credit reversed without utilising Treatment of Share Issue Expenses in realtion to increased Authroised Capital Service Tax & Vat Bot charged on Window 8.1 Professional purchased transportation of goods by railway


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Provisions Title
Short title and commencement
Amendment of section 2.
Amendment of section 10.
Amendment of section 35.
Amendment of section 35AD.
Amendment of section 36.
Amendment of section 80CCF.
Amendment of section 80-IA.
Amendment of section 80-IB.
Tax on certain dividends received from foreign companies.
Special provisions for payment of tax by certain limited liability partnerships.
Tax credit for alternate minimum tax.
Application of other provisions of this Act.
Interpretation in this Chapter.
Amendment of section 92C.
Amendment of section 92CA.
Insertion of new section 94A.
Amendment of section 115A.
Insertion of new section 115BBD.
Amendment of section 115JB.
Insertion of new Chapter XII-BA.
Amendment of section 115-O.
Income by way of interest from infrastructure debt fund.
Amendment of section 115R.
Amendment of section 131.
Amendment of section 133.
Amendment of section 139.
Amendment of section 143.
Amendment of section 153.
Amendment of section 153B.
Insertion of new section 194LB.
Amendment of section 245C.
Submission of statement by a non-resident having liaison office.
Amendment of section 245D.
Omission of section 282B.
Insertion of new section 285.
Amendment of section 296.
Amendment of Fourth Schedule.
Amendment of section 22D of Act 27 of 1957.
Amendment of section 2.
Amendment of section 3.
Substitution of new section for section 17 Assessment of duty.
Amendment of section 18.
Amendment of section 19.
Amendment of section 27.
Substitution of new section for section 28.
Substitution of new section for sections 28AA and 28AB.
Amendment of section 46.
Amendment of section 50.
Amendment of section 75.
Amendment of section 110A.
Amendment of section 124.
Insertion of new section 131BA.
Insertion of new section 142A.
Amendment of section 150.
Amendment of section 151A.
Amendment of section 157.
Amendment of notifications issued under section 25 Customs Act.
Special provisions exempting duty of customs on certain imports of fresh garlic.
Amendment of section 3.
Amendment of section 9AA.
Amendment of First Schedule and Second Schedule.
Special provisions to impose final safeguard duty on Caustic Soda Lye during certain period.
Amendment of section 4A.
Substitution of new section for section 11A.
Substitution of new section for sections 11AA and 11AB.
Substitution of new section for section 11AC. Penalty for short-levy or non-levy of duty in certain cases.
Insertion of new section 11E.
Amendment of section 12.
Insertion of new section 12F.
Insertion of new section 35R.
Amendment of section 38.
Amendment of rule 3 of CENVAT Credit Rules, 2004.
Amendment of notifications issued under section 5A of Central Excise Act.
Amendment of First Schedule and Third Schedule
Amendment of Act 32 of 1994.
Validation of exemption given by tour operator having a contract carriage permit for inter-state or intra-state transportation of passengers retrospective effect.
Amendment of act 16 of 1955.
Amendment of section 15 of Act 74 of 1956.
Amendment of First Schedule to Act 58of 1957.
Amendment of second Schedule to Act 28 of 2005.
Penalty for suppressing, etc, of value of taxable service
Liability under Act to be first charge
Offences and penalties
Special measures in respect of transactions with persons located in notified jurisdictional area.
Special from service tax in certain
Notes on clauses - Income-tax
Notes on clauses - Wealth-tax
Notes on clauses - Customs
Notes on clauses - Customs Tariff
Notes on clauses - Excise
Notes on clauses - Excise Tariff
Notes on clauses - Service Tax
Notes on clauses - Miscellaneous
THE FIRST SCHEDULE - (See section 2)
THE SECOND SCHEDULE - [Section 53(1)]
THE THIRD SCHEDULE - (See section 54)
THE FOURTH SCHEDULE - [Section 57(a)(i)]
THE FIFTH SCHEDULE- [Section 57(a)(ii)]
THE SIXTH SCHEDULE - [Section 57(b)]
THE SEVENTH SCHEDULE - [Section 58(1)]
THE EIGHTH SCHEDULE - [Section 68(1)]
THE NINTH SCHEDULE - [Section 69(1)]
THE TENTH SCHEDULE - [Section 70(a)(i)]
THE ELEVENTH SCHEDULE - [See section 70(a)(ii)]
THE TWELFTH SCHEDULE - [Section 70(b)]
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