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Charges for VAT / CST Registration - VAT - CST - GST

Issue Id: - 95592
Dated: -23-04-2013
By:- Rakesh PATEL
Charges for VAT / CST Registration

Dear Sir,

please advise me basic charges for VAT / CST registration ?

as we are only dealing with Export the material from India. I found that government take some deposit to give registration  in VAT / CST.

but we will never dealing with local market in India. please advise me how can save my money instead of  deposit to government of India?

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Dated: - 24-04-2013
By: - Pradeep Khatri

No way out. For getting registration you need to furnish either, secuirty Bond or surity bond.

Dated: - 24-04-2013
By: - Rakesh PATEL

thanks for your answer.

Can you tell me what is surity bond?


Dated: - 24-04-2013
By: - Pradeep Khatri

Surity Bonds, under VAT/CST Laws are prescribed forms, which are needed to be submitted at the time of getting registration certificate, duly signed by two dealers duly registered with VAT/CST athorities of the same State who undertakes to pay the tax amount/ interest or penalty in case the main dealer does not able to pay the same.

Dated: - 02-05-2013

no security to be deposited for DVAT Registration up to 30 June 13 , if applied online thru DVAT Site


Regards.. Vikas Kapoor

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