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Due date for filing of quarterly VAT returns - Value Added Tax - VAT-CST

#1 Issue Id: - 1538
Dated: 6-10-2009
Due date for filing of quarterly VAT returns

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Please intimate the due date for filing of quarterly VAT returns as per Punjab VAT Act.

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#2 Dated: 6-10-2009
By:- Ravi Chopra
30 days from the end of each quarter if paid through TR & 20 days if paid by cheque / draft
#3 Dated: 13-10-2009
Please do nto use discussion forum as a query corner. Refer relevant law and send your own vies and seek clarification or elaboration that is the purpsoe of this column. This column of is to initiate discussion and ascertain various possible views to further the object of learning and sharing knowledge and to clear doubts. The issue placed should include some basic information about the subject matter so that readers can at least have some idea about the issue, problem ,related provisions and off course the views of the initiator of the issue. This will be helpful in getting better response from learned readers. In absence of the same, the readers cannot be serious about the issue and willing to spare time to merely provide information and solutions. This is my personal view.

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