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Provisions Title
Short title and commencement.
Guidelines for declaration of an organisation to be of a political nature, not being a political party.
Speculative activities.
Administrative expenses.
Intimation of receiving foreign contribution from relatives.
When articles gifted for personal use do not amount to foreign contribution.
Receiving foreign hospitality by specified categories of persons.-
Action in respect of article, currency or security received in contravention of the Act.
Application for obtaining ‘registration’ or ‘prior permission’ to receive foreign contribution.
Validity of certificate.
Maintenance of accounts
Renewal of registration certificate.
In the event of receipt of foreign contribution in excess of one crore rupees in a financial year.
Extent of amount that can be utilised in case of suspension of the certificate of registration.
Custody of foreign contribution in respect of a person whose certificate has been cancelled.
Reporting by banks of receipt of foreign contribution.
Intimation of foreign contribution by the recipient.
Foreign contribution received by a candidate for election.
Limit to which a judicial officer, not below the rank of an Assistant Sessions Judge may make adjudication or order confiscation.
Compounding of offence.
Returns by the Investigating Agency to the Central Government.
Authority to whom an application or intimation to be sent.
Procedure for transferring foreign contribution to any unregistered person.
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