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  • 1969 (11) TMI 26

    ... ...
    ... ... the record, which appears to warrant for interference. I am not prepared to uphold the preliminary objection and to dismiss this writ petition as this stage, on that ground. 4. I allow this writ petition and quash Ext. P7 order. No order as to costs.

  • 1969 (10) TMI 24

    ... ...
    ... ... these circumstances I am of the view that the impugned orders cannot stand and therefore these two Writ Petitions are allowed and the orders of the Assistant Collector of Central Excise as confirmed by the Appellate Collector of Customs are quashed.

  • 1969 (8) TMI 34

    ... ...
    ... ... the duty payable because the entry inwards for purposes of section 15 is the actual date of entry inwards of the vessel and not the notional date on which the bill of entry is presented. 8.The Writ Petition, therefore, dismissed as devoid of merits.

  • 1969 (7) TMI 31

    ... ...
    ... ... 19 of 1968, Banwarilal Pasari v. D. R. Kohli and Ors. are the same as in this application. For the reasons mentioned in this judgment the Writ petition in matter No. 19 of 1968 is dismissed. The rule is discharged. There will be no order as to costs.

  • 1969 (6) TMI 23

    ... ...
    ... ... ms of Preventive and Ors. which was heard along with Matter No. 332 of 1966 are identical. For the reasons mentioned in my judgment in Matter No. 382 of 1966 this application is also dismissed. The Rule is discharged. All interim orders are vacated.

  • 1969 (6) TMI 22

    ... ...
    ... ... evidence to convict the appellant in connection with the recovery of the gold. 9.This appeal, therefore, succeeds. The conviction of the appellant and the sentence passed on him are set aside, and he is acquitted. He be discharged from the bail bond.

  • 1969 (6) TMI 21

    ... ...
    ... ... ituting proceedings afresh against the Writ petitioner. Consequently, I am unable to accept this contention of the learned counsel as well. 4.For these reasons, there are no merits in the Writ Petition and the Writ Petition fails and it is dismissed.

  • 1969 (5) TMI 21

    ... ...
    ... ... irection to the respondents to return car No. DLJ 2916 to the petitioner. Looking to all the facts, we leave the parties to bear their own costs. 10.At the request of Mr. Brij Bans Kishore the respondents are granted ten days to implement this order.

  • 1969 (4) TMI 116

    ... ...
    ... ... etitioner No. 1, shall stand set aside and quashed. The rest of the order is not interfered with in any way. 23. This Rule succeeds to the extent Indicated above. I, however, make no order as to costs. 24. Let a writ of certiorari accordingly issue.

  • 1969 (4) TMI 115

    ... ...
    ... ... are the subject-matter of this petition to them for a period of eight weeks from the date on which an ordinary copy of this judgment is delivered to the respondents. The respondents must pay the petitioner's costs which I quantify at Its. 1,000.

  • 1969 (2) TMI 174

    ... ...
    ... ... f the offence that the gold in question was smuggled gold. The learned Sessions Judge was right in acquitting the accused on that ground as the charge was not brought home to the accused No. 1. , 5. In the result this appeals fails and is dismissed.

  • 1969 (2) TMI 63

    ... ...
    ... ... s case, it is needless to make any order as to the disposal of this property. As for the cash of Rs. 1,340, it should be returned to the accused, if not already returned. Bail-bond is cancelled. Fine, if already recovered, be refunded to the accused.

  • 1969 (2) TMI 62

    Writ jurisdiction - Classification for purpose of I.T.C. Schedule and licence....... + More

  • 1969 (2) TMI 61

    ... ...
    ... ... herent powers of the Court are to be exercised sparingly and in exceptional cases only. The present case is not such an exceptional case. 13.The result is that the revision petition is allowed. The order of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate is set aside.

  • 1968 (12) TMI 31

    ... ...
    ... ... petition. There will also be an order asking the respondents to return the seized goods as fully mentioned in the petition to the appellant. The respondents are directed to comply with the directions for return of the seized goods by 31 January 1969.

  • 1968 (10) TMI 47

    Import - meaning of - Baggage - Connotation of - Res judicata....... + More

  • 1968 (4) TMI 77

    ... ...
    ... ... etitioner No. 1, shall stand set aside and quashed. The rest of the order is not interfered with in any way. 23. This Rule succeeds to the extent Indicated above. I, however, make no order as to costs. 24. Let a writ of certiorari accordingly issue.

  • 1968 (4) TMI 21

    ... ...
    ... ... ces, I reduce his sentence of imprisonment to the period already undergone, but instead, I impose a fine of Rs. 250 in default to undergo simple imprisonment for two months. 13.The revision petition is dismissed with the modification mentioned above.

  • 1968 (3) TMI 28

    ... ...
    ... ... ny reasonable interpretation of the provision in Item 48(c) relied upon by the Department. On the other hand the petitioner s claim for its classification appears to be clearly valid. 5.This Writ Petition is, therefore, allowed. No order as to costs.

  • 1967 (9) TMI 146

    ... ...
    ... ... examination of the witness will continue in the light of this ruling. 39. As it is now past 5 P.M further examination is adjourned to 11 A.M on Monday the 18th of this month. The witness will be present in Court at that time. 40. Order accordingly.

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