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Manifesto of being a straight arrow

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Manifesto of being a straight arrow
By: Kishan Barai
August 13, 2018
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  • Contents

Manifesto = A public declaration of being A Straight Arrow = An Honest or Genuine Person

OOZE Book is all about goodness. How goodness is important in life. What can be achieved via being good? How to think positive & how to achieve all your goals via being good.

My Guarantee

After a proper 100% reading of this book (available for free on Google & Amazon), you would be more honest & genuine person. You will look for goodness in every person & situation. Success will touch your feet.

Inside the book

This book is completely based on my life. All examples and situation given are 100% real & not artificially created.

Ways to achieve success in life


Ways to Become Successful In Life

Chances of Success

Task Level


Hard Work

Not 100%

Very Hard


Hard Work + Smart Work

Not 100%


Very Good

Hard Work + Smart Work + Positive Thinking

Not 100%


Best Way


100% Final


After reading the above chart you may think how one can achieve success only by being good & without doing any hard or smart work?

Actually, goodness includes Hard Work + Smart Work + Positive Thinking in a right direction naturally. It becomes your nature, so you never think that you did any hard work because after doing hard work you feel stressed and hard work done in goodness results in internal happiness and you love working & natural positive thoughts come over and over again with smart ideas. 

How one can achieve success via being good?

3 Steps to Success

Step 1: First be the good person in your life, don’t think about hard or smart work as of now

Step 2: When you become a good person as per my OOZE Book with understanding of Bhagavad Gita, slowly slowly your mind will tell you to work on a particular direction or if you already have goals you would receive natural energy & direction from God.  

Automatically you will receive new ideas & special tricks to work & you would be able to concentrate naturally.

Automatically you will receive suggestion & references working for you

Step 3: You will receive unbelievable success in your life.

Success is really nothing more than the progressive realization of a worthy ideal - Earl Nightingale. This means that any person who knows what they are doing and where they are going is a success. Any person with a goal towards which they are working is a successful person, achievement is not the success, working towards it is a real success because it develops you within.

You will find many Motivational Guru or Success leader from Google or YouTube but their job is to only provide motivational Speeches. However, I am not any motivational leader, I applied the ideas of Bhagavad Gita in my business and achieved success, I am Export Import Consultant & Coach. My main work is to do projects based on Foreign Trade Policy & help startups to become successful Exporter & Importer.

I have wrote an OOZE book at my age of 25 years & and today I am at age of 26.

You can find my work on

I suggest you all to read my OOZE Book with open heart. I have kept it 100% Free to help the world.

To understand my article in better way kindly download my OOZE Book

Amazon :

Google Books :

Google Android :

Believe me, after reading my book you will realize success for you now is just a matter of time.

Kindly Whatsapp me on +91 8128111191 or email me on for any help. I will try my best to help you. But please do provide me some time to answer a question for you…!!! I am a really too busy person but I want to help all.

Cordially Yours,

Kishan Barai


By: Kishan Barai - August 13, 2018


Discussions to this article


Great initiative Kishan!

The mission of having the world full of Love, Peace & Happiness is really worth, Success follows....

Thank you for sharing the Book.

Regards, Pravin Nair

By: Praveen Nair
Dated: 14/08/2018

Thank You Very Much smiley

By: Kishan Barai
Dated: 14/08/2018

Keep Writing as we need good writers. May God Bless you!smiley

Dated: 16/08/2018

Thank You So Much. smiley

By: Kishan Barai
Dated: 16/08/2018

Dear Sir,

Such noble thoughts reflect your own personality. In this materialistic world, such great soul is rarest. Very happy to see the synopsis of book. I shall read it thoroughly.

Dated: 18/08/2018

Thank a lot sir for such a wonderful feedback but I feel everyone is good but due to lack of love from society they turn bad. People need love and respect from everyone nothing else.

By: Kishan Barai
Dated: 20/08/2018

Sh.Kishan Barai Ji,

Your article has "provoked" me to express . Your article reminds me of the following quotes:-

1. According to Carl Rogers, an American Psychologist, " People are inherently good and creative.They become destructive only when a poor self-concept (self-image) or external constraints override the valuing process (assessment of others).

2.Mahatma Gandhi has said, "When two persons quarrel/ fight over any issue, both are at fault. If one of both has sense/manner of conversation, there will be no quarrel." From this it can be inferred that if people have sense/manner of conversation, Courts can be relieved of unnecessary (avoidable) burden of litigation.

3. Aaron Beck, an American Psychiatrist (98 years old and still serving mankind) has said, "Supreme Bliss lies in the conviction that we are loved by someone.". So we must be able to get love and affection not only from spouse but also from parents, brothers, sisters, friends, relatives, co-workers, boss, neighbours etc. If we are not able to get love from others, we shall lose real supreme bliss.

Dated: 21/08/2018

yes Wonderful detailed explanation by most honourable KASTURI SETHI Sir on TMI. Thanks a lot sir for providing lucid explanation and extension to my article.

By: Kishan Barai
Dated: 23/08/2018

Dear Sh.Kishan Barai Ji,

I like to share more information for you and readers of your article as I think it will be very useful for all of us.

Aaron Beck, American Psychiatrist says the way we think we feel. Feelings are not facts. The root cause of every problem in life is faulty thinking. Whatever happens, at first originates in our mind whether it is murder, rape, robbery, divorce or any other incident (good or bad/positive or negative). He has identified 10 faulty ways of thinking which all of us often commit and derail our life. He has termed the same as "Cognitive Distortions" which make our life hell. These can be easily traced out on google. I give one example here:-

Suppose any person is struck in traffic jam. He is frustrated and irritated and thinks that he is late from office/court/hospital etc. What will happen to me ? Beck says this is faulty thinking. Traffic jam is not in your control. No use of worrying over what is not in your control. He says in traffic jam one must enjoy music in the car and change negative style of thinking into positive style of thinking.

This is one example. He has suggested how to rectify faulty thinking with 9 other distortions.

Dated: 24/08/2018

WoW Sir, you are so good in it & you are true all-rounder. Best in field of business & life.

By: Kishan Barai
Dated: 24/08/2018


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