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How to Trace my Gujarat VAT No. from Guajrat Sales Tax No.???? - VAT - CST - GST

Issue Id: - 3902
Dated: -14-03-2012
By:- tiger don
How to Trace my Gujarat VAT No. from Guajrat Sales Tax No.????

Dear All

I am having my Gujarat Sales Tax & CST Registration Number since 1997.

Now in 1-April-2006 VAT had been implemented in Gujarat.

Question-1 : I want to know whether my Gujarat Sales Tax number is being converted in VAT number automatically or not?? and if yes than hoe to trace the same.

Question-2 : Is there any expiry of Guajrat Sales Tax registration in case of no turn over since 6-7 years???

Question-3 : How to retrieve the information online???

Please guide


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Dated: - 14-03-2012
By: - Pradeep Khatri

For conversion of Sales Tax no/CST no in  VAT TIN No. you would had to submit information in Fact Sheet with the Gujarat VAT Department.  However, through below link you may find out the desired information:-;jsessionid=0a64135830d791b61b0c0999402c9ed4b60bfd6bb9ac.e38PahmQbhmNbi0Ma3iKb3yKaNyMe6fznA5Pp7ftolbGmkTy

Further, you may take help of your counsel or VAT Department.  If there is no turnover since 6-7 years even then you were require to submit nil return as every 5 year your were required to renew you Sales Tax registration certificate unless untill it is cancelled.

Dated: - 14-03-2012
By: - tiger don

Heartiest thanx for your valuable and quick guidance.

Request you to please help on following :

(Q-1) The Gujarat Sales Tax and CST Number were registered on name of my father in 1997, unfortunately my father expired in 1999. Since than no single transaction, return filling has been done; Now I want to use the same number for the new business i'm going to start with the same firm name and similar type of trading goods. please guide/suggest what is the steps advisable???


Dated: - 14-03-2012
By: - Pradeep Khatri

As discussed above, in this regard, you would have to take help of a VAT conultant as well as Gujarat VAT Department.

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