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Procedure for surrendering excise registration - Central Excise

Issue Id: - 1284
Dated: -18-06-2009
By:- Prakash
Procedure for surrendering excise registration

We have Excise Registration as a Trading. but we are not raising any central excise invice and we are submitting nil report to Central Excise Department. We are planing to surrender the central excise registration certificate. what is the impact or process for doing the same.

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Dated: - 18-06-2009
There is no impact of surrendering the registration since no trading activity is being undertaken by you can surrender the registration through a simple letter. r.k.shukla

Dated: - 19-06-2009
By: - Rama Krishana
You just surrender the central excise registration certificate. However, you need to surrender the original certificate alogwith a letter in prescribed form of application. The same can be found in central excise forms section.

Dated: - 21-06-2009
No impact. Surrender the registration and obtain the acknowledgemnt from the jurisdictional officer. State the reasons for cancellation / surrender.

Dated: - 03-10-2011
By: - Anil Agarwala

There is a requirement to mention Surrender Notification Number and date. In the above case (dealer/trader not issuing central excise invoices), what will be the relevant notification number?

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