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Special Economic Zones Rules, 2006

Rule 1 : Short title and commencement
Rule 2 : Definitions
Rule 3 : Proposal for setting up of Special Economic Zone.-
Rule 4 : Forwarding of proposal to Board
Rule 5 : Requirements for establishment of a Special Economic Zone
Rule 5A : Infrastructure requirements relating to information technology, Bio-technology, Research and Development facilities, Fabless Semi-conductor Industry and Electronic Manufacturing Services
Rule 6 : Letter of Approval to the Developer
Rule 6A : Power of Central Government to review letter of approval
Rule 7 : Details to be furnished for issue of notification for declaration of an area as Special Economic Zone
Rule 8 : Notification of Special Economic Zone
Rule 9 : Grant of Approval for Authorized Operations:-
Rule 10 : Permission for procurement of items
Rule 11 : Processing and non-processing area
Rule 11A : Bifurcation of non-processing area
Rule 12 : Import and procurement of goods by the Developer
Rule 13 : A Developer may export or transfer capital goods and spares including construction equipment
Rule 14 : Procedure applicable on import or procurement of goods and services, their admission, and clearance of goods.
Rule 15 : Monitoring
Rule 16 : Transfer of Letter of Approval of Developer
Rule 17 : Proposal for approval of Unit
Rule 18 : Consideration of proposals for setting up of Unit in a Special Economic Zone
Rule 19 : Letter of Approval to a Unit
Rule 19A : Unit deemed to be in International Financial Services Centre
Rule 20 : Administrative Control of Special Economic Zones
Rule 21 : Offshore Banking Unit.
Rule 21A : Setting up of Unit by Multilateral or Unilateral or International agencies in International Financial Services Centre
Rule 21B : Units dealing with aircraft leasing activities
Rule 22 : Terms and conditions for availing exemptions, drawbacks and concessions to every Developer and entrepreneur for authorized operations.-
Rule 23 : Supply from DTA
Rule 24 : The procedure for grant of drawback claims and Duty Entitlement Pass Book credit to a Developer or Unit
Rule 25 : Consequences of non utilization of goods or services
Rule 26 : General Conditions of Import and Export
Rule 27 : Import and Procurement.
Rule 28 : Import of Goods
Rule 29 : Procedure for Import
Rule 29A : Procedure of import or export or procurement from or supply to Domestic Tariff Area of aircraft by a Unit in International Financial Services Centre
Rule 29B : Procedure of import or export or procurement from or supply to Domestic Tariff Area of ship by a Unit in International Financial Services Centre
Rule 30 : Procedure for procurements from the Domestic Tariff Area
Rule 31 : Omitted
Rule 32 : Omitted
Rule 33 : Admission of goods
Rule 34 : Utilization of goods
Rule 35 : Co-relation of import consignment with corresponding export consignment.-
Rule 36 : Filing of documents for admission and removal
Rule 37 : Duration of goods in a Special Economic Zone
Rule 38 : Transfer of ownership and removal of goods
Rule 39 : Destruction of goods
Rule 40 : Movement of goods to and from non-processing area.
Rule 41 : Sub-Contracting
Rule 42 : Procedure for sub-contracting in Domestic Tariff Area or in a Unit in other Special Economic Zones or in Export Oriented Unit or in Electronic Hardware Technology Park unit or in Software Tech........
Rule 43 : Sub-contracting for Domestic Tariff Area unit for export
Rule 43A : Hybrid working
Rule 44 : Contract Farming
Rule 45 : Exports
Rule 46 : Procedure for Export
Rule 47 : Sales in Domestic Tariff Area
Rule 48 : Procedure for Sale in Domestic Tariff Area.-
Rule 49 : Domestic Tariff Area removals - abatement of duties in certain cases
Rule 50 : Temporary Removals to Domestic Tariff Area
Rule 51 : Procedure for temporary removals in Domestic Tariff Area.-
Rule 52 : Other Entitlements
Rule 53 : Net Foreign Exchange Earnings
Rule 53A : Exemption
Rule 54 : Monitoring of performance
Rule 55 : Form of Appeal
Rule 56 : Time within which appeal is to be preferred
Rule 57 : Payment of fees
Rule 58 : Contents of appeal
Rule 59 : What to accompany form
Rule 60 : Filing of affidavits
Rule 61 : Rights of Appellant to appear before the Board
Rule 62 : Authorisation to be filed
Rule 63 : Procedure for filing appeal
Rule 64 : Furnishing of information and documents
Rule 65 : Date and place of hearing of appeal to be communicated.-
Rule 66 : Hearing of appeal
Rule 67 : Orders by the Board
Rule 68 : Order to be signed and dated
Rule 69 : Order to be communicated to the party
Rule 70 : Identity Cards
Rule 71 : Foreign Exchange Remittances.-
Rule 72 : Revival of sick units
Rule 73 : Specified Officer
Rule 74 : Exit of Units
Rule 74A : Transfer of Assets by Special Economic Zone Units upon their exit.
Rule 75 : Self Declaration
Rule 76 : The “services” for the purposes of sub-clause (z) of section 2 shall be the following, namely
Rule 77 : Procedure for withdrawal or cancellation of exemptions, concessions, drawbacks or any other benefits to a Unit
Rule 78 : E-filing
Rule 79 : Audit in Special Economic Zones for indirect taxes
Rule 80 : If an Special Economic Zone Unit, in case of bona fide default, .......