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Free Services offered by TMI

Our Free Services: 

For the following facilities, Subscription / Payment is not required.  

1.     Daily - TMI e-Newsletters##

2.     Highlights 

3.     Discussion Forum (Knowledge sharing).  ##

          + Submit issues / queries - No restriction in terms of number of issues / queries. ##

          + Reply / Post your views, ideas and share your knowledge, experience and expertise. ##

4.     Articles (Knowledge sharing).  ##

          Knowledge sharing by the experts / authors.

          You may submit articles to share your knowledge, experience and expertise. ##

5.     Short Notes.

6.     List of experts posting replies to Discussion Forum

7.     List of Experts posting Articles and sharing knowledge.

8.     Computation of Tax.

9.     Bookmark the page for future use, can be accessed anywhere and anytime. **

10.   Global Search.           (Advanced search is paid)

11.   Demo / Trial Option. [For new users]


 For some services, normal login is enough.

For certain services reasonable restrictions may be applicable. Submission of New Articles / Post to Discussion Forum, may be edited suitably.