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Income Tax: Income from Sikkim State Lottery - taxability under the Income Tax Act, 1961 - Once the assessee has paid the income tax at source in the State of Sikkim as per the law applicable at the relevant time in Sikkim, the same income was not taxable under the IT Act, 1961. - SC
April 21, 2018

GST: Levy of GST - Valuation - construction services / superstructure - undivided and impartible share of land - the value of land, or the undivided share of land, as the case may be, would be deemed to be one-third of the total amount, which is excluded from the value for the purposes of payment of GST - AAR
April 21, 2018

GST: Levy of GST - construction services / superstructure - Even if agreement between the applicant and the buyer is entered after part of the construction is already completed, whole of the consideration would be added for payment of GST - AAR
April 21, 2018

GST: Seizure of detained goods - Absence of E-Way bill - e-way bill-02 furnished immediately within 20 minutes from the time of the detention of the vehicle/goods - Since the petitioner is registered dealer, there is no error at the hands of the petitioner, and therefore, the order of seizure passed under Section 129(1) of the Act as well as the notice issued under Section 129(3) of the Act are hereby set aside. - HC
April 21, 2018

GST: Seizure of goods with vehicle - absence of Transit Declaration Form - interstate movement of goods through UP - There is no allegation or intention on the part of the assessee to unload the goods within the State of U.P. - seizure and penalty not sustainable - HC
April 21, 2018

GST: Correction of registration - petitioner applied for registration under GST on 27.6.2017, but mistakenly provided the PAN number of one of the partner of the firm, instead of PAN number of the Firm - until and unless the petitioner surrenders the subsequent registration dated 14.8.2017, the earlier cannot be corrected or activated - HC
April 21, 2018

Income Tax: Reopening of assessment - non obtaining of the requisite prior permission u/s 151 - The assessee is alleging that revenue has not obtained the necessary requisite permissions u/s 151 and onus is on the assessee to bring some evidence to justify its allegations. - Tri
April 21, 2018

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