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GST: GST Bills - PDF files + Clause by Clause

Income Tax: The penalty u/s 271(1)(c) was imposed because the assessee did not offer any explanation to the assessing officer in the first instance and then the penalty was sustained because his explanation furnished before the CIT (Appeals) was rejected. - Levy of penalty confirmed - HC

Income Tax: Where the Revenue urges that the amount of share application money has been received from bogus shareholders then it is for the Income Tax Officer to proceed by reopening the assessment of such shareholders and assessing them to tax in accordance with law. It does not entitle the Revenue to add the same to the assessee's income as unexplained cash credit - HC

Income Tax: Charitable activity u/s 2(15) - Exemption u/s 11 - asylum to old, maimed, sick and disabled cows - an incidental activity of selling milk which may result in receipt of money, by itself would not make it trade, commerce or business nor an activity in the nature of trade, commerce or business to be hit by the proviso to Section 2(15) - HC

Income Tax: Section 145 (1) permits two process of accounting and it is not the case of appellant that double entry system of account is not a recognized mercantile system of accounting provided under Section 145(1) and in absence of anything shown otherwise, we find nothing wrong in the method of accounting adopted by Assessee and, therefore, this question is also answered against Revenue - HC

Service Tax: Taxability - Renting of immovable property service - vacant land - the levy of tax on the rental income derived by the appellant from the lessee is beyond the scope of taxability - Tri

Service Tax: Nature of Activity - provision of services or mere profit sharing arrangement - The amount received by the appellants, though called as “profit sharing” is only a consideration from the agents for promoting the business at agreed terms and is therefore very much a business auxiliary service - liable to service tax - Tri

Service Tax: Rejection of refund claim - the case of appellant is that the dispute pertains to the rejection of refund claim and not to a decision on taxability - SCN u/s 73 was not issued - the impugned order rejecting the refund claim on ground of taxability is not sustainable as taxability has not been asserted by appropriate process and is set aside - Tri

Central Excise: Cenvata Credit - Once the credit of inputs used in exempted goods stands reversed, the demand for reversal of 8%/10% amount of value of exempted goods in terms of Rule 57 AH or Rule 6 of CCR does not sustain. - Tri

Central Excise: Imposition of penalty u/r 25 - CENVAT credit - Even though the goods are not confiscated there is clear contravention of the provisions of the Rules/Notifications as provided under Sub-Clause (d) of Rule 25 of CER, 2002. Therefore, the penalty imposed is just and proper - Tri

Central Excise: Imposition of penalty - reversal of credit for obtaining the Terminal Excise Duty (TED) benefit from the DGFT - Since the appellant has reversed the cenvat credit before issuance of SCN and also paid interest attributable to such late reversal of cenvat credit, the penalty cannot be imposed - Tri

Customs: Valuation of imported goods - market enquiry alone cannot become the basis of enhancement of the value unless the results of the market enquiry are corroborated by independent evidences which could be contemporary imports - enhancement of value not sustainable. - Tri

Customs: Project import - moulds were cleared without availing the benefit of Project Import Regulations, the appellant have paid applicable custom duty therefore once the import were not made under Project Import Regulations in respect of 10 moulds, no contravention or violation of Regulation can be alleged - Tri

Customs: Imposition of personal penalties u/s 112 of the CA, 1962 - both the appellants were indulged in purchase of fabrics in cash without any documents - the appellants’ claim of ignorance, is without any merits - levy of penalty confirmed though reduced - Tri

Companies Law: Winding up petition - Whether an employee can maintain a Petition for winding up of a Company under section 439 r/w sections 433(e) and 434(1)(a) of the Companies Act, 1956 as a creditor based on the claim of the recovery of his unpaid salary and wages? - Held Yes - HC

Companies Law: Lifting of corporate veil - The decision in lifting the corporate veil, to discern the real involvement of individuals who set up a network of corporate entities to evade their liabilities and also to dupe the innocent public, cannot be faulted. - HC

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