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Service Tax Practice Manual / Ready Reckoner
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Service Tax Practice Manual / Ready Reckoner

  1. Topics

  2. Due dates
  3. Rate of Service Tax at a Glance
  4. Chargeability of Service Tax
  5. 8 Digit Accounting Codes
  6. Classification of Taxable Services upto 30.6.2012
  7. Classification - Principles of Interpretation of Specified Description of Services or Bundled Services
  8. Registration
  9. Valuation of Taxable Services
  10. Composition Schemes in Service Tax
  11. Value of Similar Services or Identical Services - Where value is not known or not ascertainable
  12. Rejection of Value
  13. Inclusions / Exclusions of certain expenditures or costs Reimbursement of expenses / pure agent
  14. Inclusions / Exclusions of certain service-specific items
  15. Valuation in case of free services
  16. Person responsible for determining the value of taxable service
  17. Payment of Service Tax
  18. Advance Payment of Service Tax versus Excess Payment of Service Tax
  19. Re-credit of service tax where ST has been paid on receipt of advance or on accrual basis and where such amount is refunded or services are not provided
  20. Exemption - Cost of Goods or Material Sold by the provider of service
  21. Small Service Providers - Value Based Exemption upto 10 lakhs
  22. Person Liable to Pay Service Tax
  23. Records and document
  24. Returns
  25. Assessment
  26. Provisional Assessment
  27. Demand and Recovery
  28. Interest and Penalties
  29. Refund
  30. Search and Seizure
  31. Rectification of Mistakes
  32. Appeal to Commissioner of Central Excise (Appeals)
  33. Appeals
  34. Advance Rulings
  35. Provisions of Central Excise applicable to Service Tax
  36. Provisional Attachment of property
  37. Excess Amount Collected to be deposited
  38. Publication of information in respect of persons
  39. Special Audit