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Indian Laws

No. CEPD. PRS. No.4535/13.01.004/2018-19 - Dated: 26-4-2019 - Indian Law

Ombudsman Scheme for Non-Banking Financial Companies, 2018

No. 1/2019 - G.S.R. 225(E) - Dated: 19-3-2019 - Indian Law

Central Government appoints the 20th day of March, 2019, as the date on which the provisions of section 22 in the Finance Act, 2019 (7 of 2019) shall come into force

No. S.O. 1382(E) - Dated: 15-3-2019 - Indian Law

Appointment Notification of Member, Competition Commission of India

No. S.O. 1314(E) - Dated: 8-3-2019 - Indian Law

Central Government appoints the 08th day of March, 2019, as the date on which the provisions of Part VI, Part X and Part XI of Chapter VII of the Finance Act 2018 shall come into force

No. G.S.R. 127(E) - Dated: 19-2-2019 - Indian Law

Eligibility criteria for an entity to be considered as Startup w.e.f 19-2-2019

No. G.S.R. 51(E) - Dated: 28-1-2019 - Indian Law

Amendments in the notification of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs notification number G.S.R 787(E), dated the 15th October, 2015

No. G.S.R. 34(E) - Dated: 16-1-2019 - Indian Law

Modification Notification No. G.S.R. 364 (E)dated April 11, 2018

No. S.O. 28 (E) - Dated: 2-1-2019 - Indian Law

Central Government appointed Shri Ashok Kumar Gupta as the Chairperson of the Competition Commission of India with effect from the 12th November, 2018

No. . L-3(2)/Regln.–Gen. (Amdt.)/2018/CCI - Dated: 6-12-2018 - Indian Law

Competition Commission of India (General) Amendment Regulations, 2018.

No. S.O. 5808(E) - Dated: 20-11-2018 - Indian Law

Amendment in the notification of the Government of India in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, vide number S.O. 1693 (E) dated the 3rd October, 2007.

No. F. No. 13/20/2014-NS - G.S.R. 1091(E) - Dated: 5-11-2018 - Indian Law

Senior Citizens’ Welfare Fund (Amendment) Rules, 2018

No. A-12023(1)/15/2016-Admn.-III (LA) - Dated: 2-11-2018 - Indian Law

Central Government appoint Mr. Pradip Kumar Premshankar Bhatt, Former Judge, High Court of Gujarat, as President, Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, with effect from the forenoon of 24th October, 2018

No. F. No. 4(16)-W&M/2018 - Dated: 17-10-2018 - Indian Law

Issue of (i) 7.74 per cent (Non-transferable) Special Gol Security, 2028; (ii) 7.81 per cent (Non- transferable) Special Gol Security 2029; (iii) 7.88 per cent (Non-transferable) Special Gol Security 2030; (iv) 7.95 per cent (Nontransferable) Special Gol Security 2031; (v) 8.03 per cent (Non-transferable) Special Gol Security 2032; and (vi) 8.11 per cent (Non- transferable) Special GoI Security 2033.

No. 2(2)/2018-SPS - Dated: 10-10-2018 - Indian Law

Amendments in the Notification No. 2(2)/2018-SPS dated the 23rd April, 2018 - ‘Industrial Development Scheme for Jammu and Kashmir, 2017'.

No. SEBI/LAD-NRO/GN/2018/44 - Dated: 9-10-2018 - Indian Law

Securities and Exchange Board of India (Issue And Listing of Non-Convertible Redeembable Preference Shares) (Amendment) Regulations, 2018.

No. F.No. 20/6/2015–FT-Vol.III - Dated: 9-10-2018 - Indian Law

Amends the Gold Monetisation Scheme

No. F. No. CCI/CD/Amend/Comb.Regl./2018 - Dated: 9-10-2018 - Indian Law

Competition Commission of India (Procedure in regard to the transaction of business relating to combinations) Amendment Regulations, 2018

No. 7/18/2018-DGAD - SSR-09/2018 - Dated: 9-10-2018 - Indian Law

Initiation of Sunset Review anti-dumping investigation concerning imports of Ductile Iron Pipes from China PR.

No. 14/3/91-TPD(Pt) - Dated: 9-10-2018 - Indian Law

Modification in the Notification No. I-34(7)/2018-O&M dated 17 May 2018.

No. 10(6)/2016-DBA-II/NER - Dated: 9-10-2018 - Indian Law

Amendments in the Government of India Notification No.10(6)/2016-DBA-II/NER dated the 12th April, 2018 titled ‘North East Industrial Development Scheme (NEIDS), 2017’.




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