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Customs - Notification No. 72/2015 [Cus (NT)] 31-7-2015

Amends Notification No. 36/2001-Customs (N.T.), dated the 3rd August, 2001

Customs - Notification No. 36/2015 [ADD] 31-7-2015

Seeks to Rescind notification No.109/2011-Customs, dated the 15th December, 2011

Customs - Notification No. 35/2015 [ADD] 31-7-2015

Seeks to finalize provisional assessments of all imports of ceramic glazed tiles falling under tariff item 6908 90 90 , by M/s Gaoyao Marshal Ceramics Co. Ltd., China PR (producer) through M/s Foshan Dihai Trading Development Co.Ltd., China PR (exporter) which have been subjected to provisional assessment pursuant to the Notification No.109/2011-Customs, dated the 15th December, 2011

VAT - Delhi - Notification No. F. 3(11)/Fin(Rev-I)/2015-16/ds-vi/599 30-7-2015

Amendments in the Third schedule appended to the Delhi Value Added Tax, 2004

VAT - Delhi - Notification No. F. 12(2)/Fin(Rev-I)/2015-16/ds-vi/594 30-7-2015

Delhi Tax Luxuries Act, 1996 (The turnover of receipt of a proprietor of hotels shall be fifteen percent w.e.f 1st August 2015)

Customs - Notification No. 42/2015 [Cus] 30-7-2015

Seeks to further amend Notification No.39/96-Customs dated 23.7.1996.

Customs - Notification No. 41/2015 [Cus] 30-7-2015

Seeks to amend Notification No.49/2013-Customs dated 29.11.2013

Central Excise - Notification No. 40/2015 [CE] 30-7-2015

Seeks to amend Notification No.30/2013-Central Excise dated 29.11.2013

Income Tax - Notification No. 61/2015 29-7-2015

Income-tax (Tenth Amendment) Rules, 2015

Customs - Notification No. 34/2015 [ADD] 28-7-2015

Seeks to levy definitive anti-dumping duty on imports of Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL), originating in or exported from the People's Republic of China for a period of five years.

DGFT - Notification No. 16/2015-20 28-7-2015

Amendment in export policy of sawn timber-addition of ports for export to Nepal.

Customs - Notification No. 71/2015 [Cus (NT)] 24-7-2015

Appoints the Additional Commissioner of Customs - Kolkata

Customs - Notification No. 70/2015 [Cus (NT)] 24-7-2015

Appoints the Joint or Additional Commissioner of Customs - Hyderabad

Income Tax - Notification No. 60/2015 24-7-2015

Cost Inflation Index for the FY 2015-16 is 1081 - Amendment in Notification Number S.O. 709(E), dated the 20th August, 1998

Customs - Notification No. 69/2015 [Cus (NT)] 23-7-2015

Tariff Notification in respect of fixation of T V of Edible oil, Brass, Poppy seed, Areca nut, gold and Sliver

VAT - Delhi - Notification No. No. F.3 (11)/Fin.(T & E)/2009-10/ds VI/584 22-7-2015

Appointment of Sh.Vijay Kumar, IAS as Commissioner, Value Added Tax

Customs - Notification No. 40/2015 [Cus] 21-7-2015

Regarding Exemption for customs duty on cut and polished diamonds imported by specified agencies in FTP

Central Excise - Notification No. 39/2015 [CE] 21-7-2015

Seeks to further amend notification No.12/2012-Central Excise dated 17.3.2012

Central Excise - Notification No. 38/2015 [CE] 21-7-2015

Seeks to further amend notification No.1/2011-Central Excise dated 1.3.2011

Central Excise - Notification No. 37/2015 [CE] 21-7-2015

Seeks to further amend notification No.30/2004-Central Excise dated 9.7.2004 - additional duty includes nil duty or concessional duty



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