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Wealth Tax Rules, 1957

Rule 1 : Short title and commencement
Rule 1A : Definitions
Rule 1AA : Prescribed authority for the purposes of section 5(1)(xxxiv)
Rule 1B : Valuation of life interest
Rule 1BB : Valuation of house
Rule 1C : Market value of unquoted preference shares
Rule 1D : Market value of unquoted equity shares of companies other than investment companies and managing agency companies
Rule 2 : Valuation of interest in partnership or association of persons
Rule 2A : Determination of the net value of assets of business as a whole
Rule 2B : Adjustments in the value of an asset disclosed in the balance sheet
Rule 2C : Adjustments in the value of an asset not disclosed in the balance sheet
Rule 2D : Value of certain assets not to be taken into account
Rule 2E : Value of certain liabilities not to be taken
Rule 2F : Liabilities not disclosed in the balance sheet
Rule 2G : Special provision for exclusion of certain assets and liabilities shown in the balance sheet
Rule 2H : Valuation of assets forming part of industrial undertaking
Rule 2I : Omitted by the Wealth-tax (Second Amendment) Rules, 1989, w.e.f. 1-4-1989
Rule 3 : Form of return of net wealth
Rule 3A : Jurisdiction of Valuation Officers
Rule 3B : Conditions for reference to Valuation Officers
Rule 3C : Inspection
Rule 4 : Notice of demand
Rule 4A : Form of application for settlement of case
Rule 4AA : Disclosure of information in the application for settlement of cases
Rule 4B : Fee for furnishing copy of report
Rule 4C : Avoidance of repetitive appeals
Rule 5 : Appeal to the [***] [ [***] Commissioner (Appeals)]
Rule 5A : Production of additional evidence before the [Deputy Commissioner (Appeals)] [and Commissioner (Appeals)
Rule 6 : Form of appeal to Appellate Tribunal
Rule 7 : Application for reference to High Court
Rule 8 : Authorised representatives
Rule 8A : Qualifications of registered valuers
Rule 8B : Application for registration as valuer
Rule 8BB : Furnishing of particulars in certain cases
Rule 8C : Scale of fees to be charged by a registered valuer
Rule 8D : Form of report of valuation by registered valuer
Rule 8E : Registered valuer when to be guilty of misconduct in his professional capacity for purposes of section 34AD
Rule 8F : Charge sheet
Rule 8G : Inquiry Officer
Rule 8H : Proceedings before Inquiry Officer
Rule 8I : Order of the Chief Commissioner or the Director General
Rule 8J : Procedure if no Inquiry Officer appointed
Rule 8K : Change of Inquiry Officer
Rule 8L : Powers of Board and Inquiry Officer
Rule 8M : Furnishing of particulars in certain cases
Rule 9 : Disclosure of information respecting assessees
Rule 10 : Search and seizure
Rule 10A : Requisition of books of account, etc.
Rule 11 : Prescribed authority
Rule 12 : Procedure to be followed in calculating interest
Rule 13 : Forms for certificate of valuation of shares/jewellery, etc.
Appendix : Appendix

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