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  • Notification No. 046/2001-CE dated -25-09-2001

    Amendment in Notification No. 64/1995-CE, DT. 16/03/1995 - Regarding Pistol 9mm. (Chapter 93)

  • Notification No. 044/2001-CE dated -25-09-2001

    Amendment in Notification No. 03/2001-CE, DT. 01/03/2001 - Gold potassium cyanide used within the factory of production for the manufacture of gold jewellery

  • Notification No. 043/2001-CE dated -21-09-2001

    Amendment in Notification No. 03/2001-CE, DT. 01/03/2001 - Rubberised coir mattresses (94.04)

  • Notification No. 042/2001-CE dated -21-09-2001

    Amendment in Notification No. 39/2001-CE, DT. 31/7/2001 - Clarification - 'original value of investment in plant and machinery installed in the factory'

  • Notification No. 041/2001-CE dated -21-09-2001

    Amendment in Notification No. 32/2001-CE, DT. 28/06/2001 - Investment in the plant and machinery in the factory

  • Notification No. 040/2001-CE dated -31-07-2001

    Regarding exemption under NOTIFICATION NO. 39/2001-CE, DT. 31/07/2001

  • Notification No. 039/2001-CE dated -31-07-2001

    5 Year Excise Free Holiday for Units in Kutch District of Gujarat

  • Notification No. 034/2001-CE dated -31-07-2001

    CORRIGENDUM of Notification No. 34/2001-CE, dt. 28/06/2001

  • Notification No. 038/2001-CE dated -17-07-2001

    Amendment in Notification No. 32/1999-CE, DT. 08/07/1999 - Goods Produced in specified Ind. Estate/EPIP - ARUNACHAL PRADESH

  • Notification No. 037/2001-CE dated -17-07-2001

    Amendment in Notification No. 43/2000-CE, dt. 18/8/2000

  • Notification No. 036/2001-CE dated -06-07-2001

    Amendment in Notification No. 108/1995-CE, DT. 28/08/1995 - UN World Food Programme - Excise Duty Benefit on Supplies

  • Notification No. 035/2001-CE dated -29-06-2001

    Amendments in various Notifications

  • Notification No. 034/2001-CE dated -28-06-2001

    Excisable goods viz. stainless steel pattis/pattas, falling under Chapter 72, or aluminium circles falling under Chapter 76 ( This Notification has been Superceded by notification No.17/2007-CE dated 1/3/2007

  • Notification No. 033/2001-CE dated -28-06-2001

    Embroidery in the piece, in strips or in motifs on cotton fabrics, man made fabrics, silk fabrics or woolen fabrics

  • Notification No. 032/2001-CE dated -28-06-2001

    Processed textile fabrics or processed textile fabrics of cotton or man-made fibres

  • Notification No. 031/2001-CE dated -01-06-2001

    Amendments in Ntf. No. 67/95-CE, dated the 16th March 1995 - Capital Goods / Inputs Used Captively: Exempt

  • Notification No. 030/2001-CE dated -29-05-2001

    Amendments in Notification No. 3/2001-CE, dt. 1/3/2001 - Description of fabrics and footwear

  • Notification No. 029/2001-CE dated -18-05-2001

    EOUs/EPZs/FTZs etc. Schemes Liberalised Further

  • Notification No. 028/2001-CE dated -16-05-2001

    Supersedes Notification No. 82/92-CE, DT. 27/08/92 - EOUs/EPZ/SEZ Units - No Excise Duty on Supplies against AROs/DFRCs

  • Notification No. 027/2001-CE dated -11-05-2001

    Seeks to exempt Pan Masala falling under heading No. 21.06 produced by units availing exemption under NTF. NO. 32/99 or 33/99-CE, from the whole of National Calamity Contingent Duty

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