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Companies Law

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Companies Law


  1. Investor Education and Protection Fund (Uploading of information regarding unpaid and unclaimed amounts lying with companies) Rules, 2012

  2. Companies (Filing of documents and forms in Extensible Business Reporting Language) Rules, 2011

  3. Cost Accounting Records (Pharmaceutical Industry) Rules, 2011

  4. Cost Accounting Records (Fertilizer Industry) Rules, 2011

  5. Cost Accounting Records (Sugar Industry) Rules, 2011

  6. Cost Accounting Records (Electricity Industry) Rules, 2011

  7. Cost Accounting Records (Petroleum Industry) Rules, 2011

  8. Cost Accounting Records (Telecommunication Industry) Rules, 2011

  9. Companies (Passing of Resolution by Postal Ballot) Rules, 2011

  10. Companies (Cost Accounting Records) Rules, 2011

  11. Companies (Cost Audit Report) Rules, 2011

  12. Companies (Name Availability) Rules, 2011

  13. Companies (Electronic Filing and Authentication of Documents) Rules, 2006

  14. Scheme for filing of Statutory Documents and other Transactions by Companies in Electronic Mode

  15. Companies (Issue of Indian Depository Receipts) Rules, 2004

  16. Companies (Auditor’s Report) Order, 2003

  17. Companies (Disqualification of Directors under section 274(1)(g) of the Companies Act, 1956) Rules,2003

  18. Director’s Relatives (Office or Place of Profit) Rules, 2003

  19. Disposal of Records (In the Offices of the Registrar of Companies) Rules, 2003

  20. Producer Companies (General Reserves) Rules, 2003

  21. Unlisted Companies (Issue of Sweat Equity Shares) Rules, 2003

  22. Unlisted Public Companies (Preferential Allotment) Rules, 2003

  23. Companies (Appointment of the Small Shareholders’ Director) Rules, 2001

  24. Companies (Compliance Certificate) Rules, 2001

  25. Companies (Issue of Share Capital with Differential Voting Rights) Rules, 2001

  26. Companies (Passing of the Resolution by Postal Ballot) Rules, 2001

  27. Cost Audit Report Rules, 2001

  28. Investor Education and Protection Fund (Awareness and Protection of Investors) Rules, 2001

  29. Companies (Fees on Applications) Rules, 1999

  30. Private Limited Company and Unlisted Public Limited Company (Buy-back of Securities) Rules, 1999

  31. Companies (Appointment and Qualifications of Secretary) Rules, 1988

  32. Companies (Disclosure of Particulars in the Report of Board of Directors) Rules, 1988

  33. Securities Contracts (Reference to the Company Law Board) Rules, 1986

  34. Companies (Application for Extension of Time or Exemption under sub-section (8) of Section 58A) Rules, 1979

  35. Companies Unpaid Dividend (Transfer to General Revenue Account of the Central Government) Rules, 1978

  36. Public Companies (Terms of Issue of Debentures and of Raising of Loans with Option to Convert such Debentures or Loans into Shares) Rules, 1977

  37. Application of section 159 to Foreign Companies Rules, 1975

  38. Companies (Acceptance of Deposits) Rules, 1975

  39. Companies (Appointment of Sole Agents) Rules, 1975

  40. Companies (Declaration of Beneficial Interest in Shares) Rules, 1975

  41. Companies (Declaration of Dividend out of Reserves) Rules, 1975

  42. Companies (Particulars of Employees) Rules, 1975

  43. Companies (Transfer of Profits to Reserves) Rules, 1975

  44. Companies (Preservation and Disposal of Records) Rules, 1966

  45. Companies (Official Liquidator’s Account) Rules, 1965

  46. Company’s Liquidation Accounts Rules, 1965

  47. Companies (Branch Audit Exemption) Rules, 1961

  48. Companies (Issue of Share Certificates) Rules, 1960

  49. Securities Contracts (Regulation) Rules, 1957

  50. Companies (Central Government’s) General Rules and Forms, 1956

  51. Companies Act, 1956

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