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Definition "charitable purposes". u/s. 2(15) of the Act - Exclusion of Element of profit Held that:- Legislative intent disclosed in section 10(22) wherein it has been clearly provided that income of any educational institute cannot be exempted unconditionally if such institution also exists for deriving of profit. According to this provision, if any educational institution is running on commercial basis then income of such educational institution cannot be exempted from taxation. However, such institution can claim exemption u/ss. 11 and 12 as element of profit is not excluded by the Legislature. The reason is obvious because of financial affairs of such institution are well controlled by the provisions of sections 11 and 13 of the Act. Section 11 clearly provides that in order to claim exemption such institution must apply 75% of its income for charitable purposes. The surplus if any has to be invested in specified bonds.

Further, exemption can be denied if the provisions of section 13 are violated. Therefore, if there is any violation of either section 11 or section 13, then, the profits of such institution would be taxable. Further the fact that, only 75% of the income is to be applied for charitable purposes itself shows that element of profit is not excluded from the definition of charitable purpose for the purpose of sections 11 and 12. Because some profit has been earned by an educational institution registration u/s. 12AA cannot be denied so long as provisions of sections 11, 12 and 12AA are complied with. So long as it is established that income of the assessee society has been applied for the purpose of education in terms of section 11(2) and there is no violation of section 13, the assessee would be entitled to enjoy the benefit of registration u/s. 12AA of the Act Reliance has been placed upon the case of M/s. Saivani Educational Society, Hyderabad [2013 (10) TMI 824 - ITAT HYDERABAD].- Appeal allowed Decided in favor of Assessee.





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