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Special Economic Zones
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CBEC's Customs Manual 2023

Special Economic Zones

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Chapters / List

  1. Special Economic Zones
  2. Board of Approvals
  3. Unit Approval Committee
  4. Establishment of SEZs
  5. Setting up of SEZ unit
  6. Monitoring of activities of SEZ units
  7. Net Foreign Exchange Earnings
  8. Import and procurement
  9. Exports
  10. Sub-contracting
  11. Sub-contracting for DTA unit for export
  12. DTA sale
  13. Valuation of goods cleared into DTA
  14. Temporary removal of goods into the DTA
  15. Duty remission on destruction of goods
  16. Exit of units
  17. Drawback on supplies made to SEZs
  18. Other administrative guidelines
  19. Social &Commercial Infrastructure In Non-Processing Area For Use By DTA entities
  20. Advantage
  21. E-Way Bill and SEZ