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Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Programme
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CBEC's Customs Manual 2023

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Programme

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Chapters / List

  1. Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Programme
  2. Three tier AEO programme for importers and exporters (AEO-T1, AEO-T2, and AEO-T3)
  3. Single Tier AEO Programme for Logistics Operators, i.e., Custodians or Terminal Operators, Customs Brokers and Warehouse Operators.
  4. Benefits of an AEO Certificate
  5. Application for an AEO Certificate
  6. Eligibility conditions and Criteria for granting the AEO Certificate: The following eligibility criteria is relevant for the grant of AEO status:
  7. Procedure for issuing AEO Certificates
  8. Acknowledgement of application
  9. Rejection of application
  10. Processing of application
  11. Web based filing, processing and digitized certification of AEO-T1 applications
  12. Certification
  13. Post-Certification Provisions
  14. Maintenance of AEO Status
  15. Review of AEO Status
  16. Suspension or downgrading of AEO Status
  17. Restoration of suspended/ downgraded AEO Status
  18. Revocation of AEO Status
  19. Mutual Recognition
  20. India’s MRA Partners
  21. Modification in Benefits
  22. Extension of Deferred payment of Customs duty benefits to `Authorised Public Undertakings’
  23. Special measures to facilitate MSME for AEO T1 & T2 accreditation