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VAT - Delhi - Notification No. F3(671)/Policy/VAT/2016/284-296 27-5-2016

Withdrawal of Delhi Sugam -1 (DS-1)

VAT - Delhi - Notification No. F3(671)/Policy/VAT/2016/251-63 19-5-2016

Filing of Form DS-I for providing information by regd. dealers in r/o movement of petroleum products , Tobacco and Gutka

VAT - Delhi - Notification No. F3(628)/Policy/VAT/2016/238-50 19-5-2016

Extension of the date for filing CR-II upto 16/05/2016

VAT - Delhi - Notification No. No. F.3(3)/Fin(Rev-I)/2016-17/dsvi/148 9-5-2016

Amendment in Third and Fourth Schedule in Delhi Value Added Tax Act, 2004

VAT - Delhi - Notification No. No. F3(619)/Policy/VAT/2016/183-196 6-5-2016

Modification to the notification number F3(619)/Policy/VAT/2016/1291-1304 dated 12th January, 2016 - details of purchases where the total amount of an invoice does not exceed ₹ 1000/-(one thousand rupees) shall not be mandatorily required to be furnished in Form GE-II

VAT - Delhi - Notification No. No. F.3(2)/Fin(Rev-I)/2016-17/dsvi/141 6-5-2016

Amendment in Fourth Schedule of the Delhi Value Added Tax Act, 2004

VAT - Delhi - Notification No. F.3(11)/Fin(T&E)/2009-10/DS-VI/139 5-5-2016

Appointment of officers to assist the Value Added Tax, Govt. of NCT of Delhi

VAT - Delhi - Notification No. No. F3(643)/Policy/VAT/2016/157-169 3-5-2016

Modification to notification No. F.3(643)/Policy/VAT/2016/1585-1597dated 1st March, 2016

VAT - Delhi - Notification No. No.F.3(628)/Policy/VAT/2016/113-125 28-4-2016

Returns in Form CR-II for the financial year 2015-16 are required to be filed by 16-May-2016

VAT - Delhi - Notification No. F.3(30)/Fin(Rev-I)/2015-16/dsvi/121 12-4-2016

Delhi Value Added Tax (Amendment) Rules, 2016

VAT - Delhi - Notification No. F.3(11)/Fin(T&E)/2009-10/DS-VI/112 1-4-2016

Appointment of Assistant Commissioner cum VATO

VAT - Delhi - Notification No. F.3(11)/Fin(T&E)/2009-10/DS-VI/111 1-4-2016

Appointment of Assistant Value Added Tax Officer

VAT - Delhi - Notification No. F.5(54)/Policy/VAT/2013/PF/1721-31 18-3-2016

Grant of Exemption to Embassy of Socialist Republic of Vietnam

VAT - Delhi - Notification No. F.3(29)/Fin(Rev-I)/2015-2016/dsvi/93 18-3-2016

New Composition Scheme for Restaurants and Halwais @5% instead of 1%

VAT - Delhi - Notification No. F.3(628)/Policy/VAT/2016/PF/1658-70 15-3-2016

Regarding Form CR-II.

VAT - Delhi - Notification No. F.3(619)/Policy/VAT/2016/1671-84 15-3-2016

Regarding Form GE-II.

VAT - Delhi - Notification No. F 3(619)/Policy/VAT/2016/1610-1623 7-3-2016

Regarding Form GE-II

VAT - Delhi - Notification No. F3(643)/Policy/VAT/2016/1585-1597 1-3-2016

Regarding filing of returns through digital signatures

VAT - Delhi - Notification No. F.3(628)/Policy/VAT/2016/PF/1572-1584 1-3-2016

Extension of the last date for filing return in form CR-II

VAT - Delhi - Notification No. F.3(352)Policy/VAT/2013/1559-1571 1-3-2016

Extension of the last date for filing DP-1




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