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Foreign Trade - Handbook of Procedures, 2023

Chapter: Procedure
Foreign Trade Procedure
Chapter 1 : Legal Framework and Trade Facilitation
Chapter 2 : General Provisions Regarding Imports and Exports
Chapter 3 : Developing Districts as Export Hubs
Chapter 4 : Duty Exemption / Remission Schemes
Chapter 5 : Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) Scheme
Chapter 6 : Export Oriented Units (EOUs),
Chapter 7 : Deemed Exports
Chapter 8 : Quality Complaints and Trade Disputes
Chapter 9 : Promoting Cross Border Trade in Digital Economy
Chapter 10 : SCOMET: Special Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipment and Technologies
Chapter 11 : Miscellaneous Matters
Appendix-01A : DGFT, Its Regional Authorities And Their Jurisdiction
Appendix-01B : List of Towns of Export Excellence
Appendix-01C : Streamlining Of Procedures Relating to The Export of Perishable Agricultural Produce
Appendix-02A : List of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) / Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs) signed by India
Appendix-02B : List of Agencies Authorized to issue Certificate of Origin [Preferential]
Appendix-02C : List Of Agencies Authorised to Issue GSP Certification
Appendix-02D : List Of Agencies Authorised to Issue Certificates of Origin For Sapta And Asia Pacific Trade Agreeement (APTA)
Appendix-02E : List of Agencies Authorised to Issue Certificates of Origin-Non-Preferential
Appendix-02F : Approved Exporter System for Self-certification of Origin
Appendix-02G : List Of Inspection And Certification Agencies With Area/ Region Of Operation
Appendix-02H : Format of Pre-Shipment Inspection Certificate
Appendix-02I : List Of WHO-GMP; HACCP And SEI/CMM Level II And Above Certification Agencies
Appendix-02J : List of State Trading Enterprises (STEs) For FTP Purpose
Appendix-02K : Scale of User Charges and Process for Deposit/ Refund of Application Fee/Penalty, etc.
Appendix-02L : Certificate For Offsetting of Export Proceeds
Appendix-02M : Form of Self Declaration for obtaining Duplicate Copy of freely transferable Licences / Authorisations which are lost or misplaced
Appendix-02N : Bank Guarantee Format
Appendix-02N-1 : Bank Guarantee Format to be executed for recognition as Pre-Shipment Inspection Agency
Appendix-02O : Legal Agreement/Undertaking Format
Appendix-02P : Format Of Import Certificate Under Indo Us Memorandum
Appendix-02Q : Format Of End User Certificate
Appendix-02R : Format of Registration-cum-Membership Certificate
Appendix-02S : End Use Cum End User Certificate In Case Of Export Of Scomet Items
Appendix-02T : List Of Export Promotion Councils/Commodity Boards/Export Development Authorities
Appendix-02U : Electronic Bank Realization Certificate(e-BRC)
Appendix-02V : Agri Export Zones
Appendix-02W : Format Of Identity Card
Appendix-02X : Testing of Textiles and Textile Articles for presence of Azo Dyes
Appendix-03A : List of items not allowed for import under Export From India Schemes under Chapter 3, unless otherwise specified
Appendix-03B : List of products and list of markets eligible under Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS)
Appendix-03C : List of eligible category under MEIS if exported through using E-commerce platform
Appendix-03D : List of Services eligible under Service Exports from India Scheme (SEIS)
Appendix-03E : List of services where payment has been received in Indian rupees which can be treated as receipt in Deemed Foreign Exchange as per guidelines of Reserve Bank of India
Appendix-04A : Jurisdiction of Regional Authority for Gems And Jewellery Sector
Appendix-04B : List of Nominated Agencies
Appendix-04C : Value Addition Norms for Exports For Which Payments Are Not In Freely Convertible Currency
Appendix-04D : Value addition norms (below 15%) for specific product (s) under Advance Authorisations Scheme under paragraph 4.09 of FTP (2023).
Appendix-04E : Technical Details & Data Sheet for Advance Authorisation Application on Self Declaration Under Para 4.04 & 4.07 OF HBP
Appendix-04F : Replenishment For Gem & Jewellery
Appendix-04G : Replenishment Scale For Gem Rep Authorisation
Appendix-04H : Register For Accounting the Consumption And Stocks of Duty Free Imported Or Domestically Procured Raw Materials, Components etc. Allowed Under Advance Authorisation/DFIA
Appendix-04I : Register for accounting of consumption and stocks of duty free imported or domestically procured raw materials, components etc. allowed under advance authorisation for pharmaceutical product manufactured through Non Infringing (NI) process.
Appendix-04J : Export Obligation Period for Specified Inputs with Pre-import Condition under Advance Authorizations
Appendix-04K : Format of Chartered Engineer Certificate for fixation of SION / Adhoc norms under para 4.07A of HBP/Self Ratification Scheme
Appendix-04L : Format of Chartered Engineer (Chemical) Certificate
Appendix-04M : Statement of Precious Metal for The Period April To September / October To March
Appendix-04O : Certificate By Nominated Agency/ GJEPC For Claiming Replenishment of Gold/Silver Against Jewellery Sold At Exhibitions Abroad
Appendix-04P : Exclusion of Items for Advance Authorization on Repeat Basis by Other Applicants
Appendix-05A : Format Of Chartered Engineer Certificate for Nexus Under EPCG Scheme
Appendix-05B : Certificate Of Chartered Accountant/ Cost Accountant/ Company Secretary (For Issue Of EPCG Authorisation)
Appendix-05C : Certificate Of Chartered Accountant/Cost Accountant/Company Secretary (For Grant Of Export Obligation Discharge Certificate (EODC) Of EPCG Authorization)
Appendix-05D : List of services for which payment is received in Rupee terms which could be counted towards discharge of Export Obligation under the Export Promotion Capital Goods(EPCG) Scheme
Appendix-05E : Computation Of Annual Average Export Obligation Under EPCG Scheme (Para 5.04(C) Of Foreign Trade Policy 2023 Read With Para 5.12 Of HBP 2023)
Appendix-05F : List Of Capital Goods Not Permitted/ Permitted For Import Subject To Specific Conditions Under The EPCG Scheme.
Appendix-06A : Criteria To Be Adopted for Automatic Approval of Units Under EOU Scheme
Appendix-06B : Sector Specific Requirements For EOUs
Appendix-06C : Board Of Approval Notification
Appendix-06D : Format For Letter Of Permission
Appendix-06E : Form of Legal Agreement For EOU/EHTP/STP/BTP
Appendix-06F : Guidelines For Monitoring the Performance Of EOU/STP/EHTP Units
Appendix-06G : Guidelines For Sale / Advance Sale of Goods in The Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) By EOU/EHTP/STP/BTP Units
Appendix-06H : Procedure To Be Followed For Reimbursement Of Central Sales Tax (CST) On Supplies Made To Export Oriented Units (EOUS) And Units In Electronic Hardware Technology Park (EHTP) And Software Technology Park (STP)
Appendix-06I : Items Permitted for Import / Domestic Procurement By EOU Units Engaged In Agriculture / Horticulture with or without Payment of duties and/or taxes as specified in paras 6.01 (d) (ii) and (iii) of the FTP for Supply To Contract Farmers In The DTA.
Appendix-06J : Jurisdiction of Special Economic Zones
Appendix-06K : Guidelines For Exit of EOU/EHTP/STP Units
Appendix-06L : Guidelines For Revival / Exit of Sick EOU Units
Appendix-06M : Guidelines For Conversion Of Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) Unit Into Export Oriented Unit (EOU)/ Electronic Hardware Technology Park (EHTP)/ Software Technology Park (STP)/ Bio-Technology Park (BTP) Unit
Appendix-07A : List of Agencies / Funds notified by the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance
Appendix-07B : List of Agencies notified under Customs notification no. 84-97-Customs dated 11.11.1997, where supplies are made to United Nations or an International organization approved by GoI in pursuance of section 3 of UN (Privileges and Immunities Act), 1947 and entitled for Deemed Export Benefits under FTP.
Appendix-07C : Format Of Project Authority Certificate
Appendix-07D : Format Of Certificate Of Payments
Appendix-07E : Format for Fixation of Drawback Rate
Appendix-07F : Format For Monthly Statement of Disbursement of TED/DBK/Interest
Appendix-08A : Application For Certification Of Export Performance Of Units In The Pharmaceutical And Biotechnology Sectors
Appendix-08B : Application Performa For Certification Of Export Performance Of Units In Agro Chemicals Sectors.
Appendix-10 : Procedure/ Guidelines/ Proformae for export of SCOMET items/ Software/ Technology
Appendix-10B(i) : Proforma of Certificate for issue of authorization for Repeat Orders of SCOMET item(s)
Appendix-10B(ii) : Proforma of Declaration for issue of authorization for Repeat Orders of SCOMET item(s)
Appendix-10E : Documents required for submission of application for issue of authorizations for re-export of indigenous SCOMET items after repair/replacement
Appendix-10F : Documents required for submission of application for issue of authorizations for export of imported SCOMET items to same entity abroad, or any authorised entity after repair in India
Appendix-10F(i) : Documents required for submission of application for issue of authorizations for export of imported SCOMET items to same entity abroad, or any authorised entity after repair in India (GAER)
Appendix-10G : Documents required for submission of application for issue of authorizations for export of indigenous/imported SCOMET item(s) for demo/display/exhibition /tender/RFP/RFQ/NIT abroad
Appendix-10H : Documents required for submission of application for issue of authorization for export of imported SCOMET items after participation in demo/display/exhibition /tenders/RFP/RFQ/NIT in India
Appendix-10I : Documents required for issue of export authorization for re-export/return of imported SCOMET items to the same foreign entity or to its OEM (including agencies authorized by OEM)
Appendix-10J(i) : End Use Cum End User Certificate For Export Of SCOMET Items
Appendix-10J(ii) : End Use Cum End User Certificate In Case Of Export Of SCOEMT Category 1 Items
Appendix-10J(iii) : End Use Cum End User Certificate For Export Of Scomet Items For Stock & Sale Purpose
Appendix-10J(iv) : End Use Cum End User Certificate in Case of Global Authorization For Intra Company Transfer (GAICT)
Appendix-10K : Legal Undertaking (For Export/Re-export of SCOMET items)
Appendix-10L : End Use Cum End User Certificate For Entering Into An Arrangement Or Understanding That Involves Site Visit, On-Site Verification Or Access To Records / Documentation As Mentioned In Appendix 3 To Schedule 2 Of ITC (Hs) Classification Of Export And Import Items
Appendix-10M : List of Items excluded under SCOMET Category 8 for export / re-export under GAICT - POLICY notified, vide Public Notice No. 14/2021 dated 13.06.2022.