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Central Excise
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Central Excise Rules, 2002

Rule 1 : Short title, extent and commencement
Rule 2 : Definitions
Rule 3 : Appointment and jurisdiction of Central Excise Officers
Rule 4 : Duty payable on removal
Rule 5 : Date for determination of duty and tariff valuation
Rule 6 : Assessment of duty
Rule 7 : Provisional assessment
Rule 8 : Manner of payment
Rule 8A : Manner of payment in respect of speci­fied goods on which excise duty has been imposed with effect from 1st March, 2002
Rule 9 : Registration
Rule 10 : Daily stock account
Rule 11 : Goods to be removed on invoice
Rule 12 : Filing of return
Rule 12A : Filling of return in respect of specified goods on which excise duty has been imposed on and from the 1st March, 2002
Rule 12AA : Job work in articles of precious metals falling under heading 7114 of the First Schedule to the Tariff Act
Rule 12BB : Procedure and facilities for large taxpayer
Rule 12C : Maintenance of records and payment of duty by the independent weaver of unprocessed fabrics
Rule 12CCC : Power to impose restrictions in certain types of cases.
Rule 12D : Application of the rules
Rule 15 : Special procedure for payment of duty
Rule 16 : Credit of duty on goods brought to the factory
Rule 16A : Removal of goods for job work, etc
Rule 16B : Special procedure for removal of semi-finished goods for certain purposes
Rule 16C : Special procedure for removal of excisable goods for carrying out tests.
Rule 17 : Removal of goods by a Hundred per cent. Export-Oriented undertaking for Domestic Tariff Area
Rule 18 : Rebate of duty
Rule 19 : Export without payment of duty
Rule 20 : Warehousing provisions
Rule 21 : Remission of duty
Rule 22 : Access to a registered premises
Rule 23 : Power to stop and search
Rule 24 : Power to detain or seize goods
Rule 24A : Return of records
Rule 25 : Confiscation and penalty
Rule 26 : Penalty for certain offences
Rule 27 : General penalty
Rule 28 : Confiscated property to vest in Central Government
Rule 29 : Disposal of confiscated goods
Rule 30 : Storage charges in respect of goods confiscated and redeemed
Rule 31 : Power to issue supplementary instructions
Rule 33 : Transitional provision

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