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Competition Act, 2002

Chapter: I
Section 1 : Short title, extent and commencement
Section 2 : Definitions
Chapter: II
Prohibition of certain agreements, abuse of dominant position and regulation of combinations (Prohibition of agreements)
Section 3 : Anti-competitive agreements
Chapter: IIa
Prohibition of abuse of dominant position
Section 4 : Abuse of dominant position
Chapter: IIb
Regulation of combinations
Section 5 : Combination
Section 6 : Regulation of combinations
Chapter: III
Competition Commission of India
Section 7 : Establishment of Commission
Section 8 : Composition of Commission
Section 9 : Selection Committee for Chairperson and Members of Commission
Section 10 : Term of office of Chairperson and other Members
Section 11 : Resignation, removal and suspension of Chairperson and other Members
Section 12 : Restriction on employment of Chairperson and other Members in certain cases
Section 13 : Administrative powers of Chairperson
Section 14 : Salary and allowances and other terms and conditions of services of Chairperson and other Members
Section 15 : Vacancy, etc., not to invalidate proceedings of Commission
Section 16 : Appointment of Director General, etc.
Section 17 : Appointment of Secretary, experts, professionals and officers and other employees of Commission
Chapter: IV
Duties, Powers and Functions of Commission
Section 18 : Duties of Commission
Section 19 : Inquiry into certain agreements and dominant position of enter­prise
Section 20 : Inquiry into combination by Commission
Section 21 : Reference by statutory authority
Section 21A : Reference by Commission
Section 22 : Meetings of Commission
Section 23 : Distribution of business amongst Commission and Benches
Section 24 : Procedure for deciding a case where Members of a Bench differ in opinion
Section 25 : Jurisdiction of Bench
Section 26 : Procedure for inquiry under section 19
Section 27 : Orders by Commission after inquiry into agreements or abuse of dominant position
Section 28 : Division of enterprise enjoying dominant position
Section 29 : Procedure for investigation of combinations
Section 30 : Procedure in case of notice under sub-section (2) of section 6
Section 31 : Orders of Commission on certain combinations
Section 32 : Acts taking place outside India but having an effect on competi­tion in India
Section 33 : Power to issue interim orders
Section 34 : Power to award compensation
Section 35 : Appearance before Commission
Section 36 : Power of Commission to regulate its own procedure
Section 37 : Review of orders of Commission
Section 38 : Rectification of orders
Section 39 : Execution of orders of Commission imposing monetary penalty
Section 40 : Appeal
Chapter: V
Duties of Director General
Section 41 : Director General to investigate contraventions
Chapter: VI
Section 42 : Contravention of orders of Commission
Section 42A : Compensation in case of contravention of orders of Commission
Section 43 : Penalty for failure to comply with directions of Commission and Director General
Section 43A : Power to impose penalty for non-furnishing of information on combinations
Section 44 : Penalty for making false statement or omission to furnish mate­rial information
Section 45 : Penalty for offences in relation to furnishing of information
Section 46 : Power to impose lesser penalty
Section 47 : Crediting sums realised by way of penalties to Consolidated Fund of India
Section 48 : Contravention by companies
Chapter: VII
Competition Advocacy
Section 49 : Competition advocacy
Chapter: VIII
Finance, Accounts and Audit
Section 50 : Grants by Central Government
Section 51 : Constitution of fund
Section 52 : Accounts and audit
Section 53 : Furnishing of returns, etc., to Central Government
Chapter: VIIIA
Section 53A : Establishment of Appellate Tribunal
Section 53B : Appeal to Appellate Tribunal
Section 53C : Omitted
Section 53D : Omitted
Section 53E : Omitted
Section 53F : Omitted
Section 53G : Omitted
Section 53H : Omitted
Section 53I : Omitted
Section 53J : Omitted
Section 53K : Omitted
Section 53L : Omitted
Section 53M : Omitted
Section 53N : Awarding compensation
Section 53O : Procedure and powers of Appellate Tribunal
Section 53P : Execution of orders of Appellate Tribunal
Section 53Q : Contravention of orders of Appellate Tribunal
Section 53R : Omitted
Section 53S : Right to legal representation
Section 53T : Appeal to Supreme Court
Section 53U : Power to punish for contempt
Chapter: IX
Section 54 : Power to exempt
Section 55 : Power of Central Government to issue directions
Section 56 : Power of Central Government to supersede Commission
Section 57 : Restriction on disclosure of information
Section 58 : Chairperson, Members, Director General, Secretary, officers and other employees, etc., to be public servants
Section 59 : Protection of action taken in good faith
Section 60 : Act to have overriding effect
Section 61 : Exclusion of jurisdiction of civil courts
Section 62 : Application of other laws not barred
Section 63 : Power to make rules
Section 64 : Power to make regulations
Section 65 : Power to remove difficulties
Section 66 : Repeal and saving

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