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  • 1976 (10) TMI 41

    ... ...
    ... ... wers under section 36(2) of the Central Excises and Salt Act, 1944, sets aside abovesaid order of the Appellate Collector of Central Excise, Bombay and restores the order of the Assistant Collector of Central Excise, Bombay IV Divn. mentioned above.

  • 1976 (10) TMI 40

    ... ...
    ... ... is not factually correct. Govt. observe in case that trucks are cleared after the body is fitted with them, the assessable value includes the value of the body portion. In the circumstances the revision application fails and is accordingly rejected.

  • 1976 (10) TMI 39

    ... ...
    ... ... vernment hold that since the wire rods are not aluminium in and crude form the exemption provided under Notification No. 46/70 is not available to the goods manufactured by the petitioners. The Government, therefore, reject the revision application.

  • 1976 (9) TMI 45

    Valuation - When goods are substantially sold to related persons and partly to independent buyers

  • 1976 (8) TMI 53

    Limitation for initiating legal proceedings - Short-levy - Composite Mill - Connotation of

  • 1976 (7) TMI 164

    ... ...
    ... ... hall under the Delhi Cinematograph Rules and should not be treated as furniture. They cannot be moved outside the hall without dismantling and since they are one-legged units they cannot be utilised for any other purpose without further fabrication.

  • 1976 (6) TMI 33

    ... ...
    ... ... is a case of erroneous grant of refund it is covered by Rule 10. In the circumstances the revision applications are allowed as the demands of duty are time-barred under Rule 10. It also orders that consequential relief be granted to the petitioners.

  • 1976 (5) TMI 19

    Valuation - U-Foam - Sale and distribution expenses excludible - Profit margin

  • 1976 (2) TMI 179

    ... ...
    ... ... eration, the I.S.I. specification cannot be accepted where there is no reason to discard the specifications of another Technical Authority like the Director General (Technical Development). In the circumstances, the revision application is rejected.

  • 1976 (2) TMI 37

    ... ...
    ... ... tly, the order-in-appeal, rejecting the appeal as time-barred, is bad in law and hence set side with directions to the Appellate Collector to consider the same on merits after giving suitable opportunities to the petitioners to put up their defence.

  • 1976 (2) TMI 36

    ... ...
    ... ... referring to the Motor Vehicles Act, it will be apparent that tyres used on dumpers, loaders and other earthmoving equipments are also tyres for motor vehicles. The appellate decision is, therefore, correct. 4. The revision application is rejected.

  • 1976 (2) TMI 35

    ... ...
    ... ... ixed fertilisers should contain not more than one nutrient. Thus the Order-in-Appeal is not a proper speaking order on the issue involved and is set aside. The exemption under the said notification is allowed if the conditions thereof are fulfilled.

  • 1976 (2) TMI 34

    ... ...
    ... ... he trailers fitted with the I.C. engines at the time of their clearance. It, therefore, sees no reason to interfere with the order-in-appeal which is correct in law and based on the facts of the case. 3. Revision Application is rejected accordingly.

  • 1976 (2) TMI 33

    ... ...
    ... ... ween one brand and another. The Government of India observes that there is force in the arguments put forth by the petitioners and, therefore, it allows the revision application. It also orders the consequential relief be granted to the petitioners.

  • 1975 (11) TMI 48

    ... ...
    ... ... 1944, the Government of India sets aside the above said order of the Appellate Collector of Central Excise, New Delhi and orders that tbe goods should be assessed to Central Excise duty in accordance with market nomenclature and commercial Parlance.

  • 1975 (10) TMI 29

    ... ...
    ... ... that follows is that these would be classifiable as goods not otherwise specified under entry 68 of the CET. 5. In view of the above, Government find no reason to interfere with the order-in-appeal. The Revision Application is accordingly rejected.

  • 1975 (7) TMI 147

    ... ...
    ... ... al Excise duty. 5. In this consideration in exercise of the powers under Section 36 (2) of the Central Excises and Salt Act, 1944, the Government of India modifies the order of the Appellate Collector of Central Excise, Bombay, as stated above.

  • 1974 (7) TMI 120

    ... ...
    ... ... ..... luation under Section 4 of the Central Excises and Salt Act, 1944. In the circumstances of the present case the assessable value is to be fixed taking into account 8% sole agency commission, which should also be deducted.

  • 1973 (10) TMI 29

    ... ...
    ... ... ect in law. On merits also, the petitioners have no case as Notification No. 43/75 does not talk of exemption to bars and rods manufactured out of aluminium scrap. The Revision Application therefore, fails on both counts and is rejected accordingly.

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