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  • 1973 (2) TMI 57

    ... ...
    ... ... notification, Annexure B , is by way of amendment of notification, Annexure A , and has been made to operate retrospectively. 16.For the reasons stated above the writ petition is without any merit and is dismissed with costs. Counsel s fee Rs. 200/-.

  • 1973 (2) TMI 55

    ... ...
    ... ... t amount from 20-9-1963 to 27-1-1966 at the rate of 6 per annum. 18.The result is that we dismiss the appeal with costs. We partly allow the cross-objection to the extent mentioned above with costs proportionate to the success of the cross-objection.

  • 1973 (2) TMI 54

    Workers - Criteria for determination of number of workers - Connotation of - Notifications and Trade Notices - Canons of interpretation....... + More

  • 1973 (2) TMI 53

    Printed and lacquered extruded aluminium tubes and plain extruded tubes - Distinction between - Plain extruded tubes....... + More

  • 1973 (1) TMI 28

    ... ...
    ... ... e K.K. Desai who dismissed the Petitioners Petition for writ. In the result, the appeal fails and the same is dismissed with costs. Liberty to the respondents Attorneys to withdraw Rs. 500 deposited by the appellants towards the cost of the petition.

  • 1973 (1) TMI 26

    ... ...
    ... ... preferred in January, 1968. There is thus an inordinate and unexplained delay on the part of the petitioner in approaching this Court. 10. In the result, the petition fails and is dismissed. In the circumstances, there will be no order as to costs.

  • 1972 (10) TMI 39

    ... ...
    ... ... d he is being tackled once over on the same set of facts. There is an error apparent in the order which has to be removed. 9.The petition is allowed and the order is quashed insofar as the petitioner is concerned. There will be no orders as to costs.

  • 1972 (9) TMI 143

    ... ...
    ... ... factured n the petitioners’ factory at the relevant time and that is why we have confined our discussion to that item only. 19. The respondents will pay the costs of this petition to the petitioners. The rule is made absolute accordingly.

  • 1972 (9) TMI 54

    ... ...
    ... ... egal or invalid. The notice was not attacked on any other ground on behalf of the present appellant in the trial court. Mr. Nanavaty s contention in this behalf cannot thus be accepted. 3. In the result, the appeal fails and is dismissed with costs.

  • 1972 (9) TMI 53

    ... ...
    ... ... der Rule 9(2) as urged by the Learned Counsel for the Department for the reason set out above. In this view, both the demands have to be set aside. 6.The Writ Petition is allowed and the Rule Nisi is made absolute. There will be no order as to costs.

  • 1972 (6) TMI 27

    ... ...
    ... ... necessarily reasonable and in public interest, inasmuch as it is intended to effectuate the purposes of the Excises and Salt Act, and safeguard the revenue legitimately due to the Union. 7.The petition is dismissed with costs. Counsel s fee Rs. 250.

  • 1972 (5) TMI 29

    ... ...
    ... ... And under the Act, an enquiry is contemplated and such enquiry will proceed and the respondent will have all the rights he has under the Act. We have only decided that the first respondent has power to seize the jeep and nothing more. Appeal allowed.

  • 1972 (4) TMI 37

    Intermediate products - Liability to duty - Excise duty - Manner of collection - Non-excisable goods - Connotation of....... + More

  • 1972 (3) TMI 85

    ... ...
    ... ... to go into the other contentions raised by the petitioners relating to the scope of the two notifications referred to above. The Writ Petitions are, therefore, allowed and the demands in question quashed. There will however be no order as to costs.

  • 1972 (3) TMI 84

    ... ...
    ... ... n as to the exact scope of the Notifications Nos. 137/60-C.E., dated 1-10-1960 and 109/63 dated 5-7-1963 referred to above. The writ petitions are, therefore, allowed and the demands in question quashed. There will, however, be no order as to costs.

  • 1972 (3) TMI 34

    ... ...
    ... ... wn the counts to be less than 51 NF counts. We, therefore, find that the petitioners are entitled to the refund claimed by them. The Writ Petition is, therefore, allowed and the order of the respondent is quashed. There will be no order as to costs.

  • 1972 (3) TMI 32

    ... ...
    ... ... ny excise duty we fail to understand how any rebate could be claimed on goods which were not excisable goods. We therefore reverse the order of our learned brother, allow the appeal and dismiss the writ petition with costs. Advocate s fee Rs. 100/-.

  • 1972 (3) TMI 31

    ... ...
    ... ... as being unnecessary. It is, however, open to the Authorities to proceed to take such proceedings as they consider necessary in respect of the paint oil manufactured by the petitioner in accordance with law. 7.The Writ Petition is allowed. No costs.

  • 1972 (3) TMI 30

    Demand raised under Rule 9(2) was invalid if goods were cleared without payment of duty and were within the knowledge of the excise authorities....... + More

  • 1972 (3) TMI 28

    Excise duty-Excisable goods manufactured for own consumption - Dutiablity....... + More

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