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  • 1976 (12) TMI 179

    ... ...
    ... ... issue a mandamus to the respondents to consider the price list submitted by the petitioner company in accordance with the aforesaid enunciation of law. In the circumstances of the case we direct the parties to bear their own costs in this petition.

  • 1976 (12) TMI 60

    ... ...
    ... ... ct compliance with Section 4 of the Act as interpreted by the Supreme Court in Atic Industries s case (supra). 8. The result is that the petition is allowed in part to the extent indicated in the judgments. Rule is made absolute only to that extent.

  • 1976 (12) TMI 59

    ... ...
    ... ... dents that the items in question are excisable items. 3. We, therefore, set aside the impugned orders and allow the petition. Rule made absolute. No costs. The short levy amount, if it had already been collected, shall be refunded to the petitioner.

  • 1976 (11) TMI 127

    Aerated waters - Whether containing blended flavouring concentrate - Interpretation of taxing statute - Concentrate and Essence

  • 1976 (11) TMI 70

    ... ...
    ... ... ow this writ petition and direct the respondents to levy excise duty on Swishflo fans manufactured by the petitioners in accordance with the rates specified in Entry No. 33 (l). The petition is allowed accordingly. Rule made absolute in terms above.

  • 1976 (11) TMI 69

    Valuation - Wholesale cash price - Determination of - - Interpretation of Voltas decision - Interpretation of Atic s decision - Alternative remedy

  • 1976 (11) TMI 68

    ... ...
    ... ... e petition is allowed. All the impugned notices and orders are quashed. The petitioner will get costs of this petition from respondent No. 1 Union of India. Counsel s fee Rs. 500/-, if certified. The amount of the security deposit shall be refunded.

  • 1976 (10) TMI 38

    ... ...
    ... ... the petitioner would be entitled to the exemption in question provided other requisite conditions in the Government notification and appropriate Rules are satisfied. The petitioner shall have its costs. Hearing fee is assessed at rupees one hundred.

  • 1976 (10) TMI 37

    Valuation - Charging of different prices from different buyers - Effect - Wholesale cash price - Criteria for determination

  • 1976 (9) TMI 172

    ... ...
    ... ... extended for a period of one week from today on the same terms on condition that an effective Bank guarantee is furnished for the amount of ₹ 45 lakhs in respect of dues in question within a period of a fortnight before the second respondent,

  • 1976 (9) TMI 171

    ... ...
    ... ... xcise as pronounced in this judgment. The excise authorities are forbidden from recovering the excess duty claimed by them and which has not so far been paid to them. The respondents will pay costs to the company. Counsel’s fee ₹ 250/-.

  • 1976 (9) TMI 170

    ... ...
    ... ... stion of imposition of penalty may arise, Raina, J. 41. emsp We allow the petition and quash the impugned show cause notices issued by the Assistant Collector and the orders passed by the Collector, Central Excise, Nagpur, in all the thirteen cases.

  • 1976 (9) TMI 46

    ... ...
    ... ... ion that the impugned demand is barred by time has no substance. 15. Both the contentions urged by Sri Kacker fail and we dismiss this petition. 16. Having regard to the circumstances of the case, there will be no order as to costs in this petition.

  • 1976 (9) TMI 44

    ... ...
    ... ... e position of the penalty, are legally untenable. In the result, the petitions succeed and are accepted and the impugned orders are quashed. The petitioners will have their costs of the proceedings before me. Counsel s fee Rs. 100/- in each petition.

  • 1976 (8) TMI 150

    ... ...
    ... ... shed in each case and Central Excise authorities are directed to re-assess the values of the excisable articles on the basis of the prices charged by the petitioner to Nestle’s. Excise duty paid will be refunded. There is no order as to costs.

  • 1976 (8) TMI 54

    Plywood for tea chests - Classification of goods - Criteria - Alternative remedy

  • 1976 (7) TMI 100

    ... ...
    ... ... ule is made absolute in terms of prayers (a) and (b). The Respondents to pay to the Petitioners costs of the Petition. 51. emsp The operation of the order stayed for eight weeks only to the extent of the amount mentioned in prayer (b) being refunded.

  • 1976 (7) TMI 72

    ... ...
    ... ... ce with law. This judgment and the injunction issued by this court will not come in the way of the department in dealing with the said appeal of the plaintiff-appellant. In the circumstances of the case, there will be no order as to costs throughout.

  • 1976 (7) TMI 71

    ... ...
    ... ... t of the official of the Company, and that the Company should not be punished with the consequence of it, because the said official has been punished by the Company. 11.This Writ Petition, which is devoid of merits, fails and is dismissed with costs.

  • 1976 (7) TMI 70

    ... ...
    ... ... ds for recovery of the amount which according to them has been erroneously refunded and that this judgment will not come in their way in doing so. 9.The petitioner accordingly succeeds. Rule made absolute in terms aforesaid with no order as to costs.

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