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  • 2018 (8) TMI 728

    Scope of the person u/s 2(31) - Collection of Tax (TCS) on Tahbazari u/s 206C(1C) - Whether the term Parking Lot , Toll Plaza , Mining and quarrying include Tahbazari - Whether the Apar Mukhya Adhikari, Zila Panchayat was responsible for collecting the tax at source under Section 206C(1C) of Income Tax Act - Held that - The Tahbazari is not an item which is provided under this Section for collecting TCS. If a licence or lease is issued in favour ....... + More

  • 2018 (8) TMI 727

    Levy of penalty u/s 271(1) - allegation of concealment of income - the accounts filed by the appellant was audited by the Chartered Accountant and the assessment was completed by applying flat rate on the turn over disclosed by the appellant - application of explanation 1A to Section 271(1)(c) - Held that - The AO while finalising the assessment under Section 143(3) of the Act did not believe the story set up by the assessee for loss of books of ....... + More

  • 2018 (8) TMI 726

    Transfer pricing adjustments - Assessee is aggrieved only by the directions of the learned Tribunal for remanding the case back to the TPO/AO for undertaking the Transfer Pricing Analysis with regard to Royalty payments made by the Assessee-Indian company to its Associated Enterprise M/s.Toyota Motors Corporation, Japan and other associated companies. - No substantial question of law arises out of the said order with remand directions of the lear....... + More

  • 2018 (8) TMI 725

    Filing of ITR - linking of PAN with AADHAR - Held that - the petitioner is allowed to file return of income for the year under consideration before the Department in hard copy. The Department may accept the same without the petitioner linking his PAN card with AADHAR card or having to make a declaration that he has applied for one. - It would not be obligatory for the Department to process such return. In other words, the assessment on such retur....... + More

  • 2018 (8) TMI 724

    Set-off of carried forward unabsorbed depreciation - Held that - We are informed that the Revenue has filed an SLP to the Apex Court, challenging the order of this Court in M/s. Hindustan Unilever Ltd., (2016 (7) TMI 1245 - BOMBAY HIGH COURT). However, mere filing of an SLP would not by itself make the decision in Hindustan Unilever Ltd., (supra) not binding. Needless to state that in case the Revenue is aggrieved by this order, it is always open....... + More

  • 2018 (8) TMI 723

    Settlement of case u/s 245D - Disclosure of additional income at the stage of 245D(4) - failure to make a true and full disclosure in its application for settlement - genuineness of labour charges claimed - Genuineness of receipt of consideration in the absence of evidence of providing any service - Held that - This finding of the Commission has not been shown to be perverse in any manner. In the context of the finding of the Commission merely be....... + More

  • 2018 (8) TMI 722

    Power of ITAT to extend the stay of demand - combined period of stay has exceeded 365 days - Whether the order of the ITAT be treated as void ab initio in light of Third Proviso to Section 254 (2A) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, which provides that stay of demand stands vacated after expiry of a period of 365 days, even if delay in disposal of appeal is not attributable to the assessee? - Held that - The matter is no longer res integra. While inter....... + More

  • 2018 (8) TMI 721

    Benefit of Income Declaration Scheme, 2016 - Review petition - earlier HC dismissed the petition of the assessee on the ground that, although the order dated 24.10.2016 does not refer to prosecution under Section 420 of IPC but of Corruption of Prevention Act, but since prosecution is going on against the petitioner for an offence which comes under Chapter XVII of the IPC, petitioner is not liable to be granted benefit of the said Scheme. - Now a....... + More

  • 2018 (8) TMI 720

    Taxability of income / salary received from outside India - receipt of the sum in the assessee s NRE account - during that year, the assessee had the status of non-resident u/s 6 of the Income Tax Act, 1961. - The assessee had received the said sum from his two employers in a Non-Resident (external) bank account, commonly referred to NRE account. - Held that - the interpretation be given to sub Section (b) of Section 5(2) of the Act would also ap....... + More

  • 2018 (8) TMI 719

    Disallowance u/s 40(a)(ia) in respect of labour charges and sales commission for non-deduction of tax at source (TDS) - Amount was not outstanding as on 31st March as payable - Held that - Section 40(a)(ia) covers not only those cases where the amount is payable but also when it is paid. - The Supreme Court has pointed out that Section 194C mandates a person to deduct tax at source not only on the amounts payable but also when the sums are actual....... + More

  • 2018 (8) TMI 718

    Block Assessment u/s 158BC - exclusion/ reduction of lease rentals from the depreciation offered to tax - undisclosed income - Held that - the prohibition in Second Proviso to Section 158BC(a) of the Act of filing a revised return of income before the Assessing Officer would not prohibit a Assessee from raising the additional claim before Appellate Authorities - the substantial question of law is answered in favour of the Appellant Assessee........ + More

  • 2018 (8) TMI 717

    Levy of penalty u/s 271(1)(c) - Extension of Period of limitation which has otherwise expired - transferred from one officer to another officer - it was the contention of the department that the period of limitation was to be calculated from 05.10.2005, the date on which the C.I.T. (Central), who had assumed jurisdiction later, had received the order. - Held that - this Court finds that such a situation where the case was transferred to another o....... + More

  • 2018 (8) TMI 716

    Conduct of the revenue in pursuing and prosecuting its appeals before the High Court - appeal against settled issues - Held that - we were assured by the Revenue that proper steps would be taken to ensure that the State takes a consistent view and decisions on any issue which are already taken by this Court would be informed to their Advocates who would also be continuously updated of the decisions taken by this Court on the questions of law. Thi....... + More

  • 2018 (8) TMI 715

    Claim of expenses u/s 37(1) - litigation and settlement expenses - during the legal proceedings, the appellant switched gear and became a lawyer in order to settle the dues of the company and discharge his personal guarantee. - He entered into One Time Settlement with the bankers and paid up the agreed amount - Held that - The discharge of that liability was claimed by him to be business expenditure in relation to subsequent income generated thro....... + More

  • 2018 (8) TMI 714

    Compounding of offense u/s 276B - failure to deposit the compounding amount - Failure to deposit the amount of TDS, after collection to the government account - initiation of prosecution proceedings under the provisions of Chapter XVIIB of the Income Tax Act, 1961 - The main grievance of the petitioners is that when there is a genuine dispute about the quantum of compounding fee payable by them, it was not open to the respondents to reject the ap....... + More

  • 2018 (8) TMI 598

    Carry forward of unabsorbed depreciation - limitation of six years - Held that - the issue raised herein stands concluded against the Appellant-Revenue and in favour of Respondent-Assessee - no substantial question of law arises. - revenue appeal dismissed........ + More

  • 2018 (8) TMI 592

    Transfer pricing - knowledge management systems - international transactions/activities - services rendered to its associated enterprises, i.e. AE - assessee seeks to be identified as a BPO and not as a KPO - Adjustments with regard to notional interest attributed to the assessee - Exclusion of relative comparables which were held to be irrelevant for the purpose of ALP determination - controlled transactions - Held that - this court is unpersuad....... + More

  • 2018 (8) TMI 577

    Income-Tax Settlement Commission order been passed under Section 245(D)(4) - Held that - Parliament has not provided for any Appeal from orders of the Commission. This with the hope that the order of the Commission would finally bring an end to a dispute between a party who has approached the Commission and the Revenue Department. It is in these circumstances that a party who seeks to approach the Court to challenge the orders of the Commission, ....... + More

  • 2018 (8) TMI 576

    Application for adjustment or refund of the amount paid under Income Declaration Scheme 2016 rejected - Held that - Hon ble Supreme Court in the case of Hemlatha Gargya (2002 (11) TMI 6 - SUPREME COURT) is relevant which reads having held that the assessee are not entitled to the benefit of the Scheme since the payments made by them were not in terms of the Scheme, we direct the Revenue Authorities to refund or adjust the amounts already deposite....... + More

  • 2018 (8) TMI 575

    Non issuance of the draft assessment order u/s 144C - whether after remand, it was necessary to issue a draft assessment order - Held that - The issuance of a draft assessment order is not an empty formality. When a draft assessment order is passed and copy is given to the Assessee, the Assessee can raise objections before the Dispute Resolution Panel on any of the proposed variations. There is a right given to the Assessee to object, and to have....... + More

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