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  • 2018 (9) TMI 1564

    Allowable business expenditure - kickback payment or commission payment - kickbacks demanded by Iraq Government and under this method certain levies were imposed - Held that - The Special Leave Petition is dismissed both on the ground of delay and merits.

  • 2018 (9) TMI 1328

    Claim of weighted deduction under Section 35 (2AB) - Disallowance made under section 14A - assessing officer failure to record his satisfaction in terms of Section 14A(2)/(3) and establish direct/ proximate nexus of expenses with the earning of exempt dividend income? - Held that - Special Leave Petition is dismissed.

  • 2018 (9) TMI 1255

    Revision u/s 263 - Order set aside by the Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeals) and confirmed by the Tribunal by the orders impugned in these appeals, was passed consequent upon the remand made by the Commissioner of Income Tax-I under Section 263 and....... + More

  • 2018 (9) TMI 1254

    Revision u/s 263 - entitled to deduction under section 80P - Held that - Considering the low tax effect we do not interfere in the matter. However, leaving the question of law open, the Special Leave Petition is dismissed.

  • 2018 (9) TMI 1253

    Revision u/s 263 - no business activity - assessee has not carried out any business activity and the business expenditure claimed in that year was disallowed - Held that - Special Leave Petition is dismissed.

  • 2018 (9) TMI 1104

    Eligibility to registration under Section 12A - whether activities of Development Authority can be said to be charitable as defined under Section 2(15)? - Held that - Application is dismissed.

  • 2018 (9) TMI 1103

    Maintainability of appeal - Tax effect - monetary limit - Miscellaneous petition was filed by the Revenue before the Tribunal on the ground that Circular No.21/2015 of the Central Board of Direct Taxes is not applicable to the appeal filed by the Revenue - Held that - Special Leave Petition is dismissed

  • 2018 (9) TMI 1102

    Determination of value of asset - whether assessment would have to be done on the basis of the value of assets as on 1st April 2011 when partnership firm was constituted or revalued value of assets? - what was the value of the assets as on 1st April 2011? - maintainability of appeal - substantial question of law - Held that - SLP dismissed.

  • 2018 (9) TMI 1101

    Nature of sale of land - whether plot of land is agricultural land or non agricultural land - maintainability of appeal - Held that - SLP dismissed.

  • 2018 (9) TMI 1100

    Reopening of assessment - denying carry forward of unabsorbed depreciation - Book profit determined as per section 115JB(2) on account of non-eligibility of bad debts provision - Held that - SLP dismissed.

  • 2018 (9) TMI 1099

    Addition u/s 68 - genuineness of the transaction and the creditworthiness of the parties - reassessment proceedings - Held that - SLP dismissed.

  • 2018 (9) TMI 970

    Income derived from the sale of shares - business income OR short terms capital gain - Held that - No reason to interfere with the impugned order passed by the High Court. The special leave petition is, accordingly, dismissed.

  • 2018 (9) TMI 884

    Reopening of assessment - reason to believe - sum received by the assessee company by way of remuneration as a partner of one Zydus Healthcare, Sikkim - assessee claimed that the said income was exempt in terms of section 28(v) - nature of income - H....... + More

  • 2018 (9) TMI 883

    Disallowance under Section 14A - calculation of disallowance figures - Tribunal did not accept the figure of disallowance worked out by the assessee - Held that - In this Special Leave Petition, the tax effect is less than rupees one Crore and is covered by the Circular of CBDT. Accordingly, the Special Leave Petition is dismissed.

  • 2018 (9) TMI 722

    Disallowance u/s 14A - Expenses in relation to income not forming part of total income - whether Tribunal erred in not appreciating that the disallowance as computed under Section 14A was in terms of the formula prescribed in Rule 8D of the Income Ta....... + More

  • 2018 (9) TMI 721

    Assessment of Non-Performing Assets - accrual of income - Held that - Despite having been granted four weeks time, as a last chance, by the learned Registrar on 6-7-2018, learned counsel appearing for the appellant has not so far filed affidavit of v....... + More

  • 2018 (9) TMI 608

    Method of computing the exemption u/s 10-A - whether the expenses excluded from the export turnover are also to be excluded from the total turnover for the purpose of Section 10-A - Held that - The issue involved viz. whether the expenses on certain ....... + More

  • 2018 (9) TMI 607

    Grant of approval u/s 80G - proof of genuineness of charitable activity - Tribunal recorded that the condition regarding approval of the trust under Section 80G(5) are satisfied - HC held at least three years details have been provided to show that t....... + More

  • 2018 (9) TMI 476

    Reopening the assessment u/s 147 - proposal for sanction to issue notice u/s 147 as received by the ACIT and vide Order dated 21.03.2014 the proposal was approved is ante dated - as pointed out that in this letter dated 21.03.2014 it was not possible at all inasmuch as reasons for issue of notice under Section 148 of the Income Tax Act for reopening the assessment are dated 21.03.2014, therefore, it could not have been forwarded to the Additional....... + More

  • 2018 (9) TMI 428

    Maintainability of appeal - monetary limit - Penalty under Section 271C - non deduction of tds - assessee in default - Held that - Since the tax effect/liability is less than the prescribed limit as mentioned in Circular No. 3/2018 dated 11th July, 2....... + More

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