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  • 1983 (8) TMI 112

    ... ...
    ... ... ed in holding the amount of Rs. 1,55,400 as exempt from tax. In coming to this decision as we have done, we have sought active support from the judgment of their Lordships of the Karnataka High Court in A. Ratnakar s case. 6. The appeal is dismissed.

  • 1983 (8) TMI 110

    ... ...
    ... ... of the Supreme Court in (1981) 24 CTR (SC) 311 (1981) 131 ITR 435(SC) (Sheila Kaushish, Mrs. vs. CIT rsquo s case). The decision of theDelhi Courtalso fully applies in view of our findings. 7. In the above view of the matter, the appeal is dismissed.

  • 1983 (8) TMI 108

    ... ...
    ... ... Their Lordships further observed that in such a case the proper remedy for the revenue was to take matter to the Supreme Court. 11. In view of our discussion as above, we decline to draw up statement of cases and reject these reference applications.

  • 1983 (8) TMI 107

    ... ...
    ... ... d in view of the incorporation of section 80J(1A) the present case became a case of mistake apparent from the record in the background of the Amending Act. We hold likewise. 7. In the result, the appeals by the assessee fail and are hereby dismissed.

  • 1983 (8) TMI 106

    Appellate Assistant Commissioner, Development Allowance, Expenditure Incurred, Foreign Currency, Hybrid System, Protective Assessment, Weighted Deduction....... + More

  • 1983 (8) TMI 105

    ... ...
    ... ... in favour of the firm. From the partnership deed it is seen that he has not transferred the licence to and in favour of the firm. For these reasons, we uphold the order of the Dy. CIT (Appeals). 4. In the result, the revenue s appeals are dismissed.

  • 1983 (8) TMI 104

    ... ...
    ... ... eiving in exchange the value of 9 high denomination notes or Rs. 1,000 each. Thus we find on merits no case made out for making this addition. The assessee therefore succeeds. The additions of Rs. 9,000 is directed to be deleted. 14. Appeal allowed.

  • 1983 (8) TMI 102

    ... ...
    ... ... issible as deduction in computing the total income for the year under appeal. The authorities below erred in not allowing it. We set aside the orders of the authorities below and direct the ITO to allow the claim of the assessee. 10. Appeal allowed.

  • 1983 (8) TMI 101

    ... ...
    ... ... ere is no proximate connection between transfer of Rs. 10,000 by the assess to his daughter-in-law and her becoming a partner participating in the business of the firm and earning profit therefrom. 10. In the result, revenue s appeals are dismissed.

  • 1983 (8) TMI 100

    ... ...
    ... ... reasonable views possible and in such a situation the view that favours the assessee has to be adopted in view of the principles laid down by the Supreme Court. As such we do not find any substance in the appeal of the revenue. 11. Appeal dismissed.

  • 1983 (8) TMI 99

    Acquisition Of Immovable Property, Acquisition Proceedings, Fair Market Value, Movable Property, Valuation Report....... + More

  • 1983 (8) TMI 98

    ... ...
    ... ... at has been stated above, we decline to go into the merits of the case as in our opinion, the second ground taken by the department does not arise out of the order of the Commissioner (Appeals). 6. In the result, the departmental appeal is dismissed.

  • 1983 (8) TMI 97

    ... ...
    ... ... tax that the department is likely to collect from him whether in one year or the other. Consequently, even on this ground, the revaluation of closing stock was not proper. 20 and 21. These paras are not reproduced here as they involve minor issues.

  • 1983 (8) TMI 96

    Capital Asset, Partnership Firm, Raw Material, Share In Partnership....... + More

  • 1983 (8) TMI 95

    ... ...
    ... ... ed to the levy of interest under s. 139 (8). At the time of hearing, it was accepted that this would be only consequential. 6. In the result, we allow the appeal. The ITO is directed to adjust the interest after giving effect to the appellate order.

  • 1983 (8) TMI 94

    ... ...
    ... ... ds of justice will be met if the quantum of penalty is reduced to the minimum imposable under the law, or Rs. 15,000 whichever is higher. We, direct that the quantum of penalty be reduced accordingly. 12. In the result, the appeal is partly allowed.

  • 1983 (8) TMI 93

    ... ...
    ... ... the property, This he has done. The AAC has, therefore, erred in interfering with the same on a wrong understanding of the law. The order of the AAC is reversed and the order of the ITO is restored. The appeal filed by the revenue is hereby allowed.

  • 1983 (8) TMI 92

    Agricultural Land, Assessment Order, Capital Gains, High Court, Mistake Apparent From Record, Original Assessment....... + More

  • 1983 (8) TMI 91

    ... ...
    ... ... e evidently incurred by the assessee wholly and exclusively for the purpose of his profession and so we direct that the whole of Rs. 13,131 be deducted while computing the professional income of the assessee. 15. In the result, the appeal is allowed.

  • 1983 (8) TMI 88

    ... ...
    ... ... him to any other person, related or unrelated, a HUF or a stranger. The interest credited cannot be included under section 40(b) in the total income of the assessee-firm. 7. The assessee s appeals are allowed. The departmental appeals are dismissed.

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