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  • 1981 (4) TMI 137

    ... ...
    ... ... AAC and the ITO and restore the matter to the file of the ITO who should examine the assessee s claim for registration of the firm on merits and pass the necessary orders accordingly. 6. In the result, for statistical purposes, the appeal is allowed.

  • 1981 (4) TMI 136

    ... ...
    ... ... ich they have referred must be answered in the affirmative. 3. Thus, respectfully following the same, we cancel the demand made by ITO as no notices were served on the assessee within a reasonable time. 4. In the result, both the appeals are allowed.

  • 1981 (4) TMI 135

    ... ...
    ... ... than what has been shown by the assessee. In these circumstances, the net income of Rs. 8,942 declared by the assessee should be accepted. The addition of Rs. 5,000 as upheld by the AAC is, therefore, deleted. 6. In the result, the appeal is allowed.

  • 1981 (4) TMI 134

    ... ...
    ... ... is not necessary to do so. Since the payment is on advances, it is fully covered by the Tribunal s decision in ITA No. 1212/Hyd/1972-73 dt. 20th June, 1974 and we direct allowance of the amount of Rs. 14,173. 7. The result is, the appeal is allowed.

  • 1981 (4) TMI 133

    ... ...
    ... ... come to the conclusion on the facts, found that no case has been made out for aggregating the income of the two firms. We would accordingly set aside the orders of the CIT and restore the orders of the ITO. 21. The result is, the appeals are allowed.

  • 1981 (4) TMI 132

    ... ...
    ... ... cha vs. J.V.Shah, ITO (1980) 122 ITR 863 (Guj) and that of the Madras High Court in the case of Nilgiris Potato Growers Co-operative Marketing Society Ltd. vs. CIT 1977 CTR (Mad) 58 (1978) 111 ITR 375 (Mad). 8. In the result, the appeal is dismissed.

  • 1981 (4) TMI 131

    ... ...
    ... ... trary intention about the sharing of losses. It, therefore follows that the losses also were agreed to be shared as provided under s. 13(b) of the Partnership Act. We therefore hold that there being no other legal infirmity. 6. The appeal is allowed.

  • 1981 (4) TMI 130

    ... ...
    ... ... of the asst 1972-73 to 1976-77. The assessments for 1968-69 to 1971to 1972 are cancelled. 25. The result is the appeals are allowed for the asst. yrs. 1968-69 to 1971-72 and 1976-77 and for the asst. yrs. 1972-73 to 1975-76 they are allowed in part.

  • 1981 (4) TMI 129

    ... ...
    ... ... an agreement between the two firms which was commercially sound and otherwise also activated by business consideration. It was a genuine payment and was admissible. We direct that the additions be deleted. 9. In the result, both the appeals succeed.

  • 1981 (4) TMI 128

    ... ...
    ... ... ght to hold that the appeals itself were defective and could not have been admitted. We, therefore, allow both the appeals and cancel the orders of the AAC dt.3rd Nov., 1979and7th Oct., 1980and restore his order dt.11th Sept., 1979for both the years.

  • 1981 (4) TMI 126

    ... ...
    ... ... cided by the AAC on merits, the matter is restored to his file for the limited purpose of deciding the issue of interest u/s. 217. 7. In the result, for statistical purposes ITA No. 1830 (DEL)/81 is partly allowed and ITA No. 1831(DEL)/81 is allowed.

  • 1981 (4) TMI 125

    ... ...
    ... ... and following these and considering the facts the ld. AAC came to the correct conclusion that it was not a fit case for the levy of the penalty. We uphold the order of the ld. AAC and dismiss the Revenue s appeal. 6. In the result, the appeal fails.

  • 1981 (4) TMI 124

    ... ...
    ... ... h an enquiry was necessary if at all any relief was given to the assessee. Thus ground, therefore, has no force. 7. In the result, the appeal is partly allowed and the ITO is directed to compute the relief under s. 80J afresh in accordance with law.

  • 1981 (4) TMI 123

    ... ...
    ... ... o the assessee may be considered by the AAC, there is no necessity for sending the matter back and the AAC shall decide original appeal filed before him, himself. 5. For statistical purposes, this appeal shall be deemed to have been allowed as such.

  • 1981 (4) TMI 122

    ... ...
    ... ... nable opportunity of being heard to the parties including the ITO decide the of cancellation of registration afresh in the light of our aforesaid observations. 7. For statistical purposes all the appeals shall be deemed to have been allowed as such.

  • 1981 (4) TMI 121

    ... ...
    ... ... er on this point and so also the assessment order with a direction that the wealth-tax and income-tax liabilities be considered as application of the income of the assessee for charitable purposes. 2. In the result, the assessee s appeal is allowed.

  • 1981 (4) TMI 120

    ... ...
    ... ... ceased, the matter is restored to the Appl. Controller of ED. He will redetermine the question of assessability to Estate Duty in accordance with the observations made by us above. 9. For statistical purposes, the appeal shall be treated as allowed.

  • 1981 (4) TMI 119

    ... ...
    ... ... come. 3. We, therefore, uphold the finding that the assessee is a defaulter. However, we are of the opinion that a penalty of 300 rupees for each year would be sufficient to meet the ends of justice. 4. In the result, the appeals are partly allowed.

  • 1981 (4) TMI 118

    ... ...
    ... ... of r. 4 of the Second Schedule to the Companies (Profits) Surtax Act, 1964. After hearing both the parties on this point, we hold respectfully following the aforesaid authority that the CIT(A) s decision is quite in order and so we uphold the same.

  • 1981 (4) TMI 117

    ... ...
    ... ... it trust and national savings certificates. On the face of the certificates, it is clear they were not acquired this year. So they have to be excluded. 23. In the result, the Departmental appeal is dismissed and the assessee s appeal partly allowed.

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