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Service Tax - High Court - Case Laws

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  • 2005 (8) TMI 4

    Banking Services NBFC Basic conditions must be satisfied before imposing any service tax. Period before 16-8-2002....... + More

  • 2005 (8) TMI 2

    Commercial Training and Coaching Centre - Conducting examination to obtain degree or certificate awarded by any agency created by law........ + More

  • 2005 (5) TMI 648

    ... ...
    ... ... not in position to dwelve into and adjudicate upon the issue raised by the learned senior counsel for the petitioner. 6. In view of the foregoing discussions we do not find any merit in the Writ Petition. It is accordingly, dismissed in limine.

  • 2005 (5) TMI 637

    ... ...
    ... ... violative of Article 19(1)(g) of the Constitution of India and beyond the legislative competence of the State Legislature and would not bind chitties started and conducted outside the State of Kerala and therefore declared void and unconstitutional.

  • 2005 (4) TMI 55

    Tribunal dismissed condonation application for not making out a sufficient cause earlier Commissioner dismissed appeal for non-compliance with pre-deposit order though neither the delay in filing appeal nor a request for adjournment of a case is to be condoned or granted on a mere asking, but both the requests have to be considered with pragmatism in a justice oriented approach, rather than detecting sufficient cause to meet interest of justice c....... + More

  • 2005 (3) TMI 18

    Maintainability of Writ appellant had failed to prove the total illegality in issuance of Show Cause Notice. In case a prima facie case has been made out in the SCN, the appellant should opt for regular adjudication proceedings. In routine matters, writ can not be accepted........ + More

  • 2005 (2) TMI 11

    Service Tax - Consulting Engineer Service - Distinction between firm and company (2) Legislative (3) Taxable event (4) Department clarifications (5) Interpretation of law....... + More

  • 2005 (1) TMI 4

    Service Tax Goods Transport Operator The service tax is levied on providing the service of transportation of goods Constitutional validity....... + More

  • 2004 (9) TMI 604

    ... ...
    ... ... ses shall have to be determined by the appropriate authorities. No costs. That Rule Nisi has been made absolute as above. Witness the Hon ble Sri Devinder Gupta, the Chief Justice on this Wednesday, the first day of September, Two thousand and four.

  • 2004 (9) TMI 1

    Service Tax Imposition of penalty for failure to pay service tax and furnishing of the return in the prescribed period....... + More

  • 2004 (8) TMI 680

    ... ...
    ... ... filing proper show cause before the competent authorities and putting forth such pleas that are available to them. We say so as we have not dwelled upon the said aspects. Accordingly the writ petitions are disposed of without any order as to costs.

  • 2004 (7) TMI 664

    ... ...
    ... ... pellant. Hence, we find no merit in this appeal filed by the appellant/company. 20. In the result, therefore, this writ appeal filed by the appellant/company stands dismissed. But in the circumstances of the case, there is no order as to costs.

  • 2004 (6) TMI 625

    ... ...
    ... ... e involved with the third parties, as opposed to the members of the club. 17. Thus, I allow the writ petition consequently I set aside and quash the notices and the registration certificate. 18. However, there will be no order as to costs.

  • 2004 (6) TMI 11

    Service Tax Club in relation to Mandap Keeper Club members in relation to proprietary club....... + More

  • 2004 (6) TMI 10

    Service Tax Club in relation to Mandap Services rendered by club to its members....... + More

  • 2004 (5) TMI 587

    ... ...
    ... ... on and it will be open for the petitioners to take the defence as per the notification. It may be noted that the Court has not expressed any opinion about the contents of the notification. After hearing the parties, the writ petition is disposed of.

  • 2003 (8) TMI 3

    ... ...
    ... ... and I hold that the petitioner herein is liable to pay the service tax. 10. In the light of what is stated above, there is no merit in the Writ Petition and the same is dismissed. No costs. Consequently, connected miscellaneous petitions are closed.

  • 2002 (4) TMI 897

    ... ...
    ... ... d certified copy of this judgment. 14.. All parties are to act on a signed copy minutes of the operative part of this judgment on the usual undertaking and subject to satisfaction of the officer of the court in respect as above. Ordered accordingly.

  • 2002 (4) TMI 15

    Constitution validity - service offered by the chartered accountants, real estate agents (property dealers) and the architects brought under service tax net Held that provisions of the Finance Act by which service offered by the chartered accountants, real estate agents (property dealers) and the architects have been brought under the tax net are constitutionally valid....... + More

  • 2002 (4) TMI 2

    Service Tax Mandap Keeper (1) Constitutional Validity (2) Mandap Keeper as Caterer....... + More

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