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  • 2007 (12) TMI 2

    Import of Service Recipient of services is Liability to pay service tax therefore as per the provisions of the Chapter V of the Finance Act, 1994, State Electricity Board can not escape from payment of interest and penalty on late payment of service tax liability even if he is the recipient of services........ + More

  • 2007 (11) TMI 595

    Principles of Natural justice - Held that - Considering the fact that the appeal before the CESTAT was decided ex parte, we set aside the impugned order and remit the matter to CESTAT to hear the matter afresh - appeal disposed off........ + More

  • 2007 (11) TMI 548

    Service Tax Consulting Engineer (1) Operation and maintenance of power plant (2) Contract between operator and owner (3) Demand not sustainable (4) Constitution of India (job work) - revenue did not file any appeal against the ealier decision of the Tribunal in Rolls Royce Industries Poer (I) Ltd. Versus CCE 2004 (6) TMI 3 - CESTAT, NEW DELHI) - the same has attained finality - Decided in favor of assessee........ + More

  • 2007 (10) TMI 685

    ... ...
    ... ... t sense but was only advancing loans to secure the regular supply of areca nuts. 14. In view of the above this appeal is allowed, impugned judgment of the High Court is set aside and the judgment of the trial court is restored. No order as to costs.

  • 2007 (8) TMI 1

    Parliament has legislative competence to levy service tax on chartered accountants, cost accountants and architects........ + More

  • 2007 (3) TMI 773

    ... ...
    ... ... ..... oned. Admitted. Tag on with Civil Appeal No. 4584/2005.

  • 2007 (1) TMI 40

    NTT Govt has been directed to amend the National Tax Tribunal Act to ensure that only Chartered Accountant & Advocates would the eligible to represent the assessee and in case of difference of opinion the opinion of chief justice or his nominee would prevail........ + More

  • 2006 (11) TMI 540

    Whether the members of Appellants - Associations are consumers and, thus, were entitled to invoke the jurisdiction of TDSAT in terms of Section 14 of TRAI Act? - Whether the Tariff Orders issued by TRAI on 15-1-2004 and 1-10-2004 are inapplicable to members of Appellants - Associations, i.e., hotels on the ground that those are commercial establishments? - Whether it is necessary or not to fix the tariff for commercial purposes in order to bring ....... + More

  • 2006 (10) TMI 433

    ... ...
    ... ... ..... oned. Appeal admitted. List with C.A. No. 6770 of 2004.

  • 2006 (4) TMI 118

    Whether sale of a lottery ticket involved a sale of goods? Held that there was no sale of goods within the meaning of Sales Tax Acts of the different States but at the highest a transfer of an actionable claim........ + More

  • 2006 (3) TMI 687

    Payment of an amount equivalent to 8% of the price of intermediate product which has gone into manufacture of exempted products is sufficient compliance to the provisions of Cenvat Credit Rules....... + More

  • 2006 (3) TMI 1

    Composite contract - sales tax and service tax, Sales tax on Sim card, Transfer of goods, deemed sales, Taxability of goods and service tax - aspect of doctrine of res judicata - doctrine of statutory agency of the service provider........ + More

  • 2005 (11) TMI 477

    ... ...
    ... ... ..... g the records of the lower courts. The paper books may be prepared in any manner not necessarily by printing.

  • 2005 (11) TMI 474

    ... ...
    ... ... ..... llant. We find no merit in this appeal. The appeal is dismissed accordingly.

  • 2005 (10) TMI 3

    Bifurcation of gross receipts of processing of photographs into the portion attributable to goods and that attributable to services - Held that - There is one further difficulty in the way of the Petitioner. This Court has, in the case of Rainbow Colour Lab & Anr. v. State of M. P. & Ors 2000 (2) TMI 2 - SUPREME COURT OF INDIA , held that contracts of the type entered into by persons like the Petitioner are nothing else but service contra....... + More

  • 2005 (9) TMI 642

    ... ...
    ... ... ..... ur, JJ. ORDER Admitted.

  • 2005 (7) TMI 106

    Service tax - Liability to pay - Supreme Court agree with the finding of Tribunal where Tribunal held that even the amended Section 73 takes in only the case of assessees who are liable to file return under Section 70. Admittedly, the liability to file return is cast on the appellants only under Section 71A. The class of persons who come under Section 71A is not brought under the net of Section 73. The above being the position show cause notices ....... + More

  • 2005 (3) TMI 492

    Service Tax ST on carriage of goods by transport operators (1) Validation of Law (2) Legislative competence (3) Legislative convenience and machinery (4) Demand and interest (5) Constitution (6) Tax....... + More

  • 2005 (3) TMI 10

    The liability to pay interest would only arise on default and is really in the nature of quasi-punishment. Interest liability can be prospective only........ + More

  • 2004 (10) TMI 584

    ... ...
    ... ... ..... JJ. ORDER Appeal admitted.

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