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Service Tax - Case Laws

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  • 2007 (5) TMI 146

    Revenue contended that appellant is liable for penalty u/s 76 but commissioner (Appeal) has waived the penalty without invoking the provisions of Section 80. Matter remanded to Commissioner(A) to decide afresh....... + More

  • 2007 (5) TMI 145

    As per the appellant the taxable services received from Foreign Service provider became taxable by Notification No.36/2004-S.T. with effect from 01-01-05 but as per revenue taxable by virtue of Notification No. 12/02 dated 01-08-02 Pre-deposit of Rs. 25,000 ordered and balance waived....... + More

  • 2007 (5) TMI 144

    Appellant was getting remuneration from main broker for client referred by him. Main broker had deposited the servie tax besides issuing a certificate indicating the amount of sub-brokerage thereon Strong prima facie case made out in favour of appellant - pre-deposit service tax waived....... + More

  • 2007 (5) TMI 143

    Scientific and technical consultancy service Since the service was rendered before 16-07-2001 (date of which service tax levied on such service) Held that demand is not sustainable and the same is set aside....... + More

  • 2007 (5) TMI 142

    Certain payments ware made outside India for procurement of material but department has treated the same as payment against consulting charges. This fact has been recorded by the adjudicating authority but confirmed the demand. Question of period of limitation also raised Stay Granted....... + More

  • 2007 (5) TMI 138

    Payment of service tax Appellant claim for the adjustment of the wrongly paid excess amount of service tax Commissioner directed to hear the matter afresh on the condition of pre-deposit of Rs. 2 lakh within 2 weeks and decided thereafter after considering documents....... + More

  • 2007 (5) TMI 135

    Demand (Service tax) - Department levied service tax on appellant in respect of activities which have been performed by one part of the appellant company for another part - Held that department contention was not correct and demand set aside....... + More

  • 2007 (5) TMI 134

    Valuation(Service tax) - Revenue contended that appellant is not entitle for abatement of cost of certain components/parts of elevators from the gross amount received from the customer under AMC - Matter consider as arguable and waiver of pre-deposit and stay of recovery granted....... + More

  • 2007 (5) TMI 133

    Stay/Dispensation of pre-deposit - Whether appellant is liable to pay tax under Delhi Sales Tax on Right to Use Goods Act, 2002 or liable to pay service tax under FA, 1944 - Stay granted ....... + More

  • 2007 (5) TMI 129

    Revenue instead of filing the review petition or an appeal before the commissioner (Appeal), had filed an application for rectification of order before the same authority who has passed the order praying for enhancing the penalty. Not allowed as per law order in original set aside........ + More

  • 2007 (5) TMI 111

    Demand Service tax) -Revenue contended that appellant was liable to pay service tax under Business Auxiliary service on the selling/marketing the services of BSNL - Held that revenue contention was not correct and set aside demand....... + More

  • 2007 (5) TMI 110

    Management consultant service - Revenue contended that appellant is providing MCS and accordingly demand were made along with penalty - Held that revenue contention was not sustainable and set aside demand and penalty ....... + More

  • 2007 (5) TMI 87

    Penalty (Service tax) Revenue contended that appellant liable to pay penalty on this ground that service tax belatedly paid but before issuance of SCN and accordingly demanded service tax along with penalty Held that service tax demand sustained and penalty amount were rejected....... + More

  • 2007 (5) TMI 86

    Stay/Dispensation of Pre-deposit - Alleged that appellant activity of providing transport services to the employees are fall under Rent a cab operator service - Held that allegation not sustained and pre-deposit of amount waived and recovery thereof stayed ....... + More

  • 2007 (5) TMI 84

    Cenvat credit - Department contended that appellant used credit of duty paid on inputs and capital goods as also credit of service tax paid on input service for payment of output service and accordingly demand were made - Held that department contention was not correct and set aside demand....... + More

  • 2007 (5) TMI 83

    Valuation(Service tax) - Revenue contended that authorize dealer draws commission from manufacturer which obviously includes certain cost in terms of three free services - Held that revenue contention correct and directed applicants for pre-deposit a sum of Rs. 1,00,000/- ....... + More

  • 2007 (5) TMI 75

    Consulting Engineer - Revenue contended that appellant had received technical transfer/information from a foreign company and he pay royalty and accordingly liable to pay service tax under Consulting Engineer Services - Held that revenue contention is not correct....... + More

  • 2007 (5) TMI 74

    Tax liability - Alleged that appellant had provided various services as per agreement they had entered into with the owner and accordingly demand were made along with interest and penalty - Held that allegation was not correct and demand, interest and penalty set aside ....... + More

  • 2007 (5) TMI 72

    Penalty(service tax) Appellant contended that they have get registered and deposited duty when it was detected by department, so that they not liable for penalty Held that appellant contention is not correct and penalty sustained....... + More

  • 2007 (5) TMI 71

    GTO services Revenue contended that the Respondent were received GTO service during the impugned period and accordingly liable to pay service tax Held that revenue contention was correct and allowed....... + More

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