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    ... ...
    ... ... amendments made by the Sales Tax Com- missioner. The applicants having failed over most of their grounds, they should pay costs to the opposite party of Rs. 50 in each of the 2 cases. Applica- tion No.55 is summarily dismissed. Ordered accordingly.

  • 1951 (3) TMI 17 - MYSORE HIGH COURT

    ... ...
    ... ... inal Revision Petition No. 290 appears to be rather severe, and I, therefore, reduce it to Rs. 50. In the result, with the modification of sentence in Criminal Revision Petition No. 290, all the petitions fail and are dismissed. Petitions dismissed.

  • 1951 (2) TMI 14 - CALCUTTA HIGH COURT

    ... ...
    ... ... not at all arose for determination. There has been no refusal to exercise jurisdiction nor any excess of jurisdiction. The application is wholly misconceived. The petition therefore fails and the Rule must be discharged with costs. Rule discharged.

  • 1951 (2) TMI 13 - MADRAS HIGH COURT

    ... ...
    ... ... is really indicative of his bona fides. I therefore hold on the evidence adduced in the case that the appellant did not wilfully submit an untrue return. The conviction and sentence are therefore set aside and the appeal is allowed. Appeal allowed.

  • 1951 (2) TMI 12 - CALCUTTA HIGH COURT

    ... ...
    ... ... th Das v. State of West Bengal(1) (Harries, C.J., and Banarjee, J.). This decision is binding on me and I accept the contention. In the result the petition fails and the rule must be discharged with costs. Petition dismissed. (1) 1951 55 C.W.N. 255.

  • 1951 (1) TMI 30 - NAGPUR HIGH COURT

    ... ...
    ... ... ce to the petitioners under Section 22(7) of the Act and, after hearing them, to decide whether the case calls for the reopening of the assessment already made. Accordingly, we allow this petition with costs. Counsel s fee Rs. 100. Petition allowed.

  • 1951 (1) TMI 29 - WEST BENGAL HIGH COURT

    ... ...
    ... ... e statute being in English, the English dictionary meaning has to be accepted in the absence of a statutory definition. The petition for revision is allowed and the decision of the learned Commissioner of Commercial Taxes reversed. Petition allowed.

  • 1951 (1) TMI 28 - MADRAS HIGH COURT

    ... ...
    ... ... the accused as one of the accused only was prosecuted in his personal capacity. I agree with the Court below and hold that the order of acquittal is correct. The appeal is therefore dismissed. Appeal dismissed. (1) 1947 1 S.T.C. 165 1947 M.W.N. 603.

  • 1951 (1) TMI 27 - CALCUTTA HIGH COURT

    ... ...
    ... ... ts cannot be helped in any way. On these considerations we answer the question in the affirmative. The respondent is entitled to the costs of these proceedings. Certified for two Counsel. HARRIES, C.J.-I agree. Reference answered in the affirmative.

  • 1950 (12) TMI 24 - BOMBAY HIGH COURT

    ... ...
    ... ... ance of consultation. 10.. For reasons given in para 4 above, however, we have to reject this application on the preliminary point of jurisdiction. ORDER OF THE TRIBUNAL. The application is rejected. No orders as regards costs. Application rejected.

  • 1950 (12) TMI 23 - PATNA HIGH COURT

    ... ...
    ... ... ed by the makers of the Indian Constitution. I would myself grant leave to appeal. But as each of my learned brothers is of a contrary opinion, the application must be disposed of in the manner just stated by Sarjoo Prosad, J. Application dismissed.

  • 1950 (12) TMI 22 - MYSORE HIGH COURT

    ... ...
    ... ... ant to penalise the default and enforce the payment of the tax assessed, the validity of the tax assessed cannot be questioned by criminal Courts. In this view, the conviction must be upheld. This petition fails and is dismissed. Petition dismissed.


    ... ...
    ... ... destination of the goods sold or purchased. As this involves a substantial question of law in the interpretation of Article 226 of the Constitution and C.O. No. 7 of the President leave is given for appeal to the Supreme Court. Ordered accordingly.

  • 1950 (12) TMI 20 - CALCUTTA HIGH COURT

    ... ...
    ... ... on and the copies must be completed in course of one day. The sum of Rs. 4,141-9-6 to be paid to Mr. N.C. Mitra, attorney for the State of West Bengal, will be held by him free from all lien subject to further orders of the Court. Order accordingly.

  • 1950 (11) TMI 1 - SUPREME Court

    Jurisdiction Of High - Held that - It cannot be held that the order was passed by the High Court in this case in the exercise of either original or appellate jurisdiction. It is not contended that the matter arose in the exercise of the Appellate jurisdiction of the High Court, because there was no appeal before it. Nor can the matter, properly speaking, be said to have arisen in the exercise of the original jurisdiction of the High Court because....... + More

  • 1950 (10) TMI 8 - MADRAS HIGH COURT

    ... ...
    ... ... vent the order of assessment and its collection could not be said to have been made according to the law for the time being in force. In the result, there will be a decree as prayed for and for costs against the defendant. Decree for the plaintiffs.

  • 1950 (10) TMI 7 - MADRAS HIGH COURT

    ... ...
    ... ... ead to strangely anomalous results. I am not prepared therefore to read the section with the words without reasonable cause. No other point is raised in this case and the petition is dismissed. Petition dismissed. (1) (1889) 14 App. Cas. 493 at 503.

  • 1950 (9) TMI 13 - NAGPUR HIGH COURT

    ... ...
    ... ... l. We set aside the judgments of the two Courts and acquit the appli- cant. Fine, if paid, will be refunded. Accused acquitted. (1) 1902 1 K.B. 388 at p. 396. (3) (1947) I.L.R. 1947 Nag. 402 A.I.R. 1948 (2) (1869) L.R. 4 H.L. 100 at p. 122. Nag. 60.

  • 1950 (8) TMI 17 - ASSAM HIGH COURT

    ... ...
    ... ... he result is that we decline to call upon the learned Com- missioner of Taxes (Sales), Assam, under the Assam Sales Tax Act, 1947, to make a reference, as prayed for. The petition is dismissed with costs. RAM LABHAYA, J.-I agree. Petition dismissed.

  • 1950 (7) TMI 1 - MADRAS HIGH COURT

    ... ...
    ... ... over not only on these articles but in the case of many others. In the end, therefore, we see no reason to interfere with the judg- ment and decree of the lower Court. This appeal deserves to be and is hereby dismissed with costs. Appeal dismissed.

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