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  • 1986 (2) TMI 70

    Plastics and articles thereof - Classification - Writ jurisdiction - Import Policy Statement

  • 1986 (2) TMI 68

    ... ...
    ... ... es of snake skins (2) 6 packages of handloom cotton coloured towels and (3) three cases of paper elephant (board panels) shall be made on or before 15-3-1986. 22. In the result, the writ petitions are allowed to the extent indicated above. No costs.

  • 1986 (2) TMI 67

    ... ...
    ... ... s are not passed in favour of the owners. That will depend upon the nature of the individual orders or the merits of the adjudication. That does not in any way impinge the validity of Section 115(2) of the Act. Therefore I dismiss this writ petition.

  • 1986 (2) TMI 65

    Import of tetracycline urea complex permissible as an OGL Item - Writ petition

  • 1986 (2) TMI 62

    ... ...
    ... ... e writ petition accordingly fails and is dismissed on contest. 26. The rule issued be discharged and interim order, if any, do stand vacated. 27. No order is made for costs. 28. The customs authorities are given liberty to encash the bank guarantees.

  • 1986 (2) TMI 59

    Refund - Customs - Bill of entry - Endorsement made on the reverse - Duty Exemption Scheme

  • 1986 (2) TMI 57

    Bill of entry - Determination of rate of duty - Interpretation - Scope of Explanation - Import of goods - Rate of duty

  • 1986 (1) TMI 358

    ... ...
    ... ... verified the same, and we treat it to be a case where no proper appeal can be taken to have been filed to the Tribunal. The petition which purports to be an appeal listed for today has, therefore, to be rejected as non-competent. Ordered accordingly.

  • 1986 (1) TMI 316

    ... ...
    ... ... to go into it. It is enough for the present purpose that the machine has telecommunication application. That being the case, it is not possible to say that the assessment of the lower authorities was incorrect. 15. The appeal is accordingly rejected.

  • 1986 (1) TMI 314

    ... ...
    ... ... benefit of the Notification 35/79-Cus. In this view we set aside impugned order and direct the Assistant Collector of Customs to pass a fresh order granting the benefit to the appellants after examination of the Essentiality and End-use Certificates.

  • 1986 (1) TMI 302

    ... ...
    ... ... law so also the penalty levied on the appellant. In the result, this appeal is allowed. The confiscation as well as the penalty are set aside. The goods seized from the appellant shall be returned to him. The penalty if paid shall be refunded to him.

  • 1986 (1) TMI 287

    ... ...
    ... ... The finding of the Collector (Appeals) is based on a mere assumption. On consideration of all the aspects, I allow this appeal, set aside the orders passed by the authorities below and direct that the seized goods shall be released to the appellant.

  • 1986 (1) TMI 278

    ... ...
    ... ... ned order passed by respondent No. 2 and the petitioners are entitled to the relief sought. 7. emsp Accordingly, petition succeeds and rule is made absolute in terms of prayer (a). In the circumstances of the case, there will be no order as to costs.

  • 1986 (1) TMI 277

    ... ...
    ... ... the petition within a period of two weeks from today. The respondents are further directed to revalidate the licence for a further period of one year from the date of deletion of Condition No. 2. The respondents shall pay the costs of the petitioner.

  • 1986 (1) TMI 276

    Import Policy- Change of Policy takes effect subsequent to amendment and not before

  • 1986 (1) TMI 263

    ... ...
    ... ... e are fully convinced with the arguments put forward by the learned Departmental Representative. These have been discussed supra and we do not wish to repeat them here. 7. In view of these findings the appeal is dismissed. (Pronounced in open court).

  • 1986 (1) TMI 250

    ... ...
    ... ... he Bank of Madura are enhanced as indicated above. Appeal No. 254/85 filed by the Collector of Customs, Madras, against respondent Vinod Kumar is also allowed and a penalty as indicated above is imposed on Vinod Kumar under Section 112(a) of the Act.

  • 1986 (1) TMI 238

    ... ...
    ... ... . In view of the above, it is not necessary to go into the question as to whether the survey report and the weighment certificate do or do not relate to the goods specified in the invoice. 8. In the result, this appeal fails and the same is rejected.

  • 1986 (1) TMI 232

    ... ...
    ... ... 207-210/85-B in Appeal No. 151/78-B together with a group of other appeals. 5. We see no reason to deffer and, accordingly, we allow the appeal herein, set aside the orders below and direct consequential relief, if any, be afforded to the appellant.

  • 1986 (1) TMI 231

    ... ...
    ... ... far as the quantum of penalty is concerned, in the facts and circumstances of the case, I reduce the penalty from Rs. 5000/- to Rs. 2000/- (Rupees two thousand only). Except for reduction in the quantum of penalty, the appeal is otherwise dismissed.

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