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  • 2008 (6) TMI 550

    ... ...
    ... ... e impugned order is sustained and maintained. The appellants are required to deposit their respective penalty immediately without loss of time on receipt of this order failing which Enforcement Directorate may recover the same in accordance with law.

  • 2008 (5) TMI 698

    ... ...
    ... ... nt has not shown any bona fide in compliance with the said conditional order. Thus no equity lies in favour of the appellant. In such a situation, this appeal is dismissed for non-compliance of judicial order. This appeal may be consigned to record.

  • 2008 (4) TMI 781

    ... ...
    ... ... 0/- to ₹ 30,000/-. The appeal is, therefore, liable to be partly allowed. An order is passed accordingly. The amount of penalty is reduced from ₹ 60,000/- to ₹ 30,000/-. The pre-deposited amount may be appropriated towards penalty.

  • 2001 (10) TMI 1102

    ... ...
    ... ... the Central Government to be represented through the Central Government counsel to have themselves represented as per our suggestion or in any other manner deemed fit by them, by appointing any other counsel. Post these appeals on November 28, 2001.

  • 2001 (4) TMI 476

    Natural justice - Recorded Media - Valuation - Confiscation and redemption fine - E-mail transfers not goods ....... + More

  • 2001 (2) TMI 982

    ... ...
    ... ... in that case was only four days, whereas, the delay in the present case is over two decades and hence, no liberal view can be taken. For all the aforesaid reasons, the appeal is dismissed. Consequently, M.P. No. 12/DLI of 2001 also stands dismissed.

  • 2001 (1) TMI 920

    ... ...
    ... ... h regard to the first property, namely, the land measuring 4 cents and 920 sq. links in Elamkulam village and confirm the forfeiture of the residential house bearing No. B-5 at Cochin and dismiss the appeal so far as the second property is concerned.

  • 1999 (10) TMI 702

    ... ...
    ... ... e are, therefore, of the view that rule 11 is not applicable and the order being an order on the merits, cannot be set aside. For all the aforesaid reasons the petition is dismissed that consequently M. P. A. No. 102/MDS of 1999 also stands rejected.

  • 1999 (9) TMI 911

    ... ...
    ... ... ponding properties mentioned in the order dated March 31, 1998, for a period of 60 days from the date of receipt of this order. In the result, the corrigendum dated May 18, 1998, stands set aside and with the above direction, the appeal is dismissed.

  • 1999 (7) TMI 627

    ... ...
    ... ... n, such properties will be liable to be forfeited, even though the transfer took place prior to the issue of notice under section 6 or 10. For all the aforesaid reasons, we uphold the impugned order of the competent authority and dismiss the appeals.

  • 1999 (6) TMI 459

    ... ...
    ... ... s. 9,50,000 in the hands of Ashish P. Patel. No other contentions were raised before us. For all the aforesaid reasons, we do not find any reason to interfere with the order of the competent authority. We confirm the same and dismiss all the appeals.

  • 1999 (5) TMI 579

    ... ...
    ... ... roperty (Procedure) Rules, 1989, we direct the appellant not to alienate, dispose of, part with possession or create any third party rights over the forfeited property, till the disposal of the proceedings before the Competent Authority after remand.

  • 1999 (5) TMI 578

    ... ...
    ... ... provisions of the SAFEMA apply and there was no jurisdiction in the Competent Authority to proceed to forfeit the properties. The appeal is accordingly allowed and the order of the Competent Authority, Madras, dated September 29, 1995, is set aside.

  • 1999 (4) TMI 580

    ... ...
    ... ... the competent authority was justified in holding that these properties are illegally acquired properties. We see no reason to differ with the findings of the competent authority and we confirm the same. The appeal fails and is accordingly dismissed.

  • 1999 (4) TMI 579

    ... ...
    ... ... aforesaid reasons, we hold that the sale in favour of the appellant as well as his predecessors in title, were all null and void and hence the appeal has no legs to stand and is accordingly dismissed. Consequently, the stay petition stands rejected.

  • 1999 (2) TMI 624

    ... ...
    ... ... ty dated October 31, 1995, so far as item No. 1, which is, 1 acre 36 cents of land with building in Survey No. 81/1-I in Thrikodithanam village, Chenganacheri, is concerned. The appeal is allowed to the said extent and is dismissed in other respects.

  • 1999 (2) TMI 623

    ... ...
    ... ... roper service within the meaning of section 22 of the SAFEMA and the period of limitation started running from that date. For all the aforesaid reasons, we find no grounds for reviewing our order dated October 26, 1998, and the petition is dismissed.

  • 1999 (2) TMI 622

    ... ...
    ... ... ing a certified copy of the order so far and will do so now. However, we are not attaching much importance to this aspect. In the view we have taken that the appeal is barred by limitation, the same cannot be entertained and is accordingly dismissed.

  • 1998 (10) TMI 511

    ... ...
    ... ... etent authority is directed not to implement the order dated October 14, 1998, until November 16, 1998, i.e., till the expiry of 30 days from the date of service of the order on October 17, 1998. With the above direction, the petition is disposed of.

  • 1998 (6) TMI 539

    ... ...
    ... ... tified and is confirmed. The appellant is at liberty to approach the competent authority for the option of payment of fine in lieu of forfeiture in respect of house properties under forfeiture. The appeal is accordingly partly allowed to this extent.

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