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  • 1967 (8) TMI 7

    Amount paid by the company to the Delhi Improvement Trust by way of rent for the site for the earlier years cannot be taken to be a part of the cost of construction of the cinema theatre for the purpose of the company claiming depreciation thereon....... + More

  • 1967 (8) TMI 6

    Whether the value of the properties left by the assessee s mother and which properties were given to her under the registered partition deed, dated Oct. 3, 1955, executed by and between the members of the assessee HUF have been rightly included in the net wealth of the assessee - Held, yes....... + More

  • 1967 (8) TMI 5

    Neither the IAC nor the Tribunal found that the assessee s explanation was false - there was no other material from which an inference of concealment of income could be drawn - no penalty could be imposed on the assessee....... + More

  • 1967 (8) TMI 4

    Whether the dividend income of the assessee-company should be taken to be the market value of the shares on the date of declaration of dividend and not the value as stated in the resolution of the company which declared the dividend - Held, yes....... + More

  • 1967 (8) TMI 3

    Insurance business - excess premium was entered in the books of the assessee-company in the premium deposit account - assessee-company transferred the sum of Rs. 33,905 to its revenue account - ITO was not justified in treating the said amount as gross external incomings of the year under r. 2(a) of the Rules for the computation of the profits and gains of insurance business....... + More

  • 1967 (8) TMI 2

    Loss return - time prescribed by s. 22(2A) of the IT Act, 1922, for filing the loss return, had expired and neither the assessee asked for an extension of time nor was the same granted by the ITO suo motu - ITO treated the return as invalid - appeal filed by the assessee before the AAC is not competent u/s 30....... + More

  • 1967 (8) TMI 1

    Bad debt - money-lending business - loss arose from the investment and not in connection with the business being carried on by the assessee-company - It was thus a capital loss and not a loss incidental to the business - not permissible deduction as bad debt....... + More

  • 1967 (7) TMI 132

    ... ...
    ... ... d and the applications are dismissed. There shall be no costs. 33. In this proceeding, I have not accepted the arguments and contentions of Sri V.P. Raman; even so, I wish to ex press my appreciation of the able and lucid arguments presented by him.

  • 1967 (7) TMI 131

    ... ...
    ... ... etion whether to entertain the petition or not. The learned counsel has not pointed out anything to us to show that the discretion has not been properly exercised. 13. In the result the appeal fails and is dismissed with costs. 14. Appeal dismissed.

  • 1967 (7) TMI 130

    ... ...
    ... ... e requirements of section 53A of the Transfer of Property Act and it can therefore be validly set up as a defence under section 53A of the Transfer of Property Act. 30. For the aforesaid reasons. I dismiss the appeal with costs throughout. No leave.

  • 1967 (7) TMI 128

    Whether the officer to whom the flat would be allotted would occupy it as a tenant or as a licensee? - Held that - The High Court rightly held that the respondents reasonably require the flats for respondent No. 2 s own occupation through officers holding the flats on its behalf as licensee. If so, it is conceded that it is not necessary for the respondents to establish the reasonable requirement by respondent No. 1 also for its own Occupation. T....... + More

  • 1967 (7) TMI 127

    ... ...
    ... ... but be in relation to the sales. It makes no difference whether it was allowed in a lump sum or proportionately to each of the sales or purchases. In substance the character of the discount is the same. The petition is dismissed. Petition dismissed.

  • 1967 (7) TMI 126

    ... ...
    ... ... rs stand superseded by the last order passed by the Judge (Revisions) Sales Tax. We find, therefore, no substance in the last submission of the learned counsel also. For the reasons mentioned above the writ petition is dismissed. Petition dismissed.

  • 1967 (7) TMI 125

    ... ...
    ... ... ecision in both the references are answered in the affirmative. In each case, the assessee shall pay to the Commissioner of Sales Tax the costs of the reference. Counsel s fee in each case is fixed at Rs. 100. References answered in the affirmative.

  • 1967 (7) TMI 124

    ... ...
    ... ... ollect only the balance and make the necessary adjustment between the amounts due to be collected under the Central Sales Tax Act and the Madras General Sales Tax Act under the appropriate heads of account. No order as to costs. Petitions dismissed.

  • 1967 (7) TMI 123

    ... ...
    ... ... ed. The petitioner will be entitled to his costs in these two revision petitions, those costs being restricted to the court-fee paid on the revision petitions. We make no direction for payment of Advocate s fee. Petitions allowed and cases remanded.

  • 1967 (7) TMI 122

    ... ...
    ... ... to inter-State sales of declared goods, the rate applicable to sale or purchase of such goods inside the appropriate State and no rate is prescribed in local taxation in view of the exemption. The tax case is dismissed. No costs. Petition dismissed.

  • 1967 (7) TMI 121

    ... ...
    ... ... of it shall be viewed as if the Amending Act had not been passed. On that basis too, the Assessment Commercial Tax Officer will have no jurisdiction to pass the order. The petition is dismissed with costs. Counsel s fee Rs. 100. Petition dismissed.

  • 1967 (7) TMI 120

    ... ...
    ... ... penalty could be levied. In a similar case that was the view taken by a Division Bench of this Court in Viswanathan and Co. v. State of Madras 1965 16 S.T.C. 125. With respect, we share that view This petition is allowed. No costs. Petition allowed.

  • 1967 (7) TMI 119

    ... ...
    ... ... not covered by the purchases that can be added. The petitions are allowed in those terms. No costs. The appeals will be restored to the file of the Tribunal so that it may re-estimate the turnovers in accordance with our judgment. Petitions allowed.

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