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27(19)-IT/49 - 2-9-1969

Allowances in assessing business income-Bad and doubtful debts -Bad debts of banks.

29/1969 - 23-8-1969

Taxability of income under sub-sections (1) and (2) - Legal position on issues pertaining thereto explained

28/1969 - 20-8-1969

Fresh loan raised to repay original loan taken for constructing/ buying property - Whether interest payable on second loan would also be admissible as a deduction under clause (vi) of sub-section (1)

27/1969 - 16-8-1969

Weighted deduction for export markets development allowance/agricultural development allowance under sections 35B and 35C, respectively - Whether circumstances in which, and the conditions subject to which, expenditure incurred indirectly will count therefor

26/1969 - 6-8-1969

Development rebate allowed on assets sold to Government - Whether not liable to be withdrawn even if vendor credits to profit and loss account reserve which he had originally crea

25/1969 - 25-7-1969

granting stay of recovery of tax under sub-section (7) to assessees having income in Pakistan which cannot be brought into India stands withdrawn

24/1969 - 23-7-1969

Whether production of motion pictures amounts to manufacture or processing of goods within the meaning of section 101(4)(a)

23/1969 - 23-7-1969

Income accruing or arising through or from business connection in India - Non-residents - Liability to tax under clause (i) of sub-section (1)

22/1969 - 17-7-1969

Amendments at a glance , Rate structure , Amendments to Income-tax Act , Amendments to Wealth-tax Act , Amendments to Companies (Profits) Surtax Act

21/1969 - 9-7-1969

Norms and principles to be applied in assessing foreign/Indian participants in technical collaboration

490/1969 - 30-6-1969

Procedure for obtaining certificate of exemption under clause (xxa) of sub-section (1) in respect of equity shares held in certain companies

9/20/69-ITA-2 - 13-6-1969

Disallowance of expenditure on advertisements in souvenirs.

20/1969 - 13-6-1969

Bad debts - Whether claims of banks should be automatically allowed in their entirety in their assessments under clause (vii) of sub-section (1)

19/1969 - 13-6-1969

Expenditure on advertisement in souvenirs - Allowance thereof as admissible deduction

18/1969 - 12-6-1969

Cases where tolerance margin of 25 per cent is exceeded because of disallowance of disputed tax liability - Whether penalty imposable for concealment of wealth

17/25/69-WT - 12-6-1969

Penalty under section 18(1)(c) of the Wealth-tax Act--Cases where tolerance margin of 25% is exceeded because of disallowance of disputed tax liability.

4/8/69-WT - 10-6-1969

Wealth-tax Act, 1957--Liability to wealth-tax of annuities receivable on annuity deposits under the Income-tax Act.

17/1969 - 10-6-1969

Whether annuity receivable under annuity deposit scheme is covered within the meaning of clauses (e)(iv)

15/1969 - 8-5-1969

Deductions under clause (i) as it stood prior to its substitution, and under clauses (iii) to (v) as they stood prior to their omission, by Finance Act, 1974 with effect from 1-4-1975 - Clarifications on certain issues retained in the compendium for reference purposes

14/1969 - 23-4-1969

Contribution to approved gratuity fund - Points connected with tax relief in respect of initial contribution under clause (v) of sub-section (1) and approval of gratuity fund


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