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12/6/60 PR(S), - 18-7-1961

Annual accounts - Form and contents of ‑Model form of balance sheet other than set out in Part I of Schedule VI

No. CLAS/24, - 27-6-1961

Dividends ‑ Declaration of ‑ Whether “specified period” is to be determined with reference to original cost and yearly quantum of depreciation.

No. CLAS/24, - 27-6-1961

Maintenance of ‑ Whether vouchers, invoices and other connected records are to be preserved along with books of account

No. 8/16(1)/61‑PR, - 26-6-1961

Whether authentication of balance sheet and profit and loss account by secretary obligatory and whether secretary renders himself for errors in balance sheet only as officer

No. 8/16(1)/61‑PR, - 19-5-1961

Interested directors - Disclosure of interest - Whether it is collective responsibility of directors to comply with requirement in sub‑section (6)

Letter : No. 8/16(1)/61‑PR, - 19-5-1961

Annual general meeting ‑ Procedure for holding adjourned annual general meeting

Letter : No. 8/16(1)/61‑PR, - 19-5-1961

Requirement of annexing explanatory statement to notice where business to be transacted is special business

Letter : No. 8/16(1)/61‑PR, - 19-5-1961

Quorum ‑ Whether single member present constitute quorum at an adjourned meeting

Letter : No. 8/16(1)/61‑PR, - 19-5-1961

Managerial personnel ‑ Employment ‑ Words “employment” and “appointment” occurring in sections 197A, 267 and 316(1) ‑Interpretation thereof

Letter : No. 8/38(314)/61‑PR, - 10-5-1961

Whether sale or purchase of materials by a director or his relative, associate, etc., to or from a company in which he is a director attracts sub‑section (1)

Letter: No. 8/16(1)/61‑PR, - 9-5-1961

Whether uncommitted reserves are to be adjusted against debit balance and whether calls in advance are to be shown under the head “Current liabilities and provisions”

Letter: No. 8/16(1)/61‑PR, - 9-5-1961

Board’s report ‑ Whether events occurring after balance sheet date can be incorporated in directors’ report

Letter : No. F. 8/16(1)/61‑PR, - 9-5-1961

Deemed Public Company ‑ Major shareholding with parent company outside India ‑ Whether the section operates to make Indian private company a public company

Letter : No. 8/16/(1)/61‑PR, - 9-5-1961

Annual general meeting ‑ Whether word “time” occurring in second proviso to the section indicates only hour and date of commencement of meeting

Letter : No. 8/16(1)/61, - 9-5-1961

Special audit ‑ Who should be appointed as special auditor ‑ Policy regarding

Letter : No. 8/16(1)/61‑PR, - 9-5-1961

Board meetings - Quorum ‑ What will be quorum in a case where all the directors are interested

Letter : No. 8/16(1)/61‑PR, - 9-5-1961

Whether branch audit can be conducted at head office without visiting branches

Letter : No. 8/16(1)/61‑PR, - 9-5-1961

Office or place of profit - Prohibition against director holding ‑ Whether director working as manager and as, secretary holds office of profit

Letter : No. 8/16(1)/61‑PR, - 9-5-1961

Deemed Public Company ‑ Formalities to be complied with on deemed conversion under sub‑section (2)

Letter : No. 8/16(1)/61‑PR, - 9-5-1961

Board’s powers ‑ Restriction on - Whether purchase of machinery on deferred payment is covered by clause (d) of sub‑section (1) and sub‑section (5) of the section



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