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Beware of unwanted errors or slippages while typing on computers.

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Beware of unwanted errors or slippages while typing on computers.
May 10, 2022
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Correct typing is very important:

Correct typing is very important because wrong typing can change meaning, can cause confusion, and impair images of writer who has sent the message in typed form.

Memory recall for typewriters:

In case of old age typewriters we used to fact mistakes which we used to correct by overwriting and putting initial or using correction fluid and putting corrections.  Sometimes we used cut across wrong words,  put a footnote for correct words to be read in lieu or cut / cancelled items.  Best course was many times considered to replace page, if it was possible.

At that time correction by way of typing was very difficult and time consuming. Furthermore , again  typing and checking of fresh typed page was also difficult , time consuming and was with less confidence. This is because stenographer and /or typist could commit again same or similar or some other mistake.

Therefore, generally, when possible and not undesirable most common method was to indicate corrections by marking cut  on wrong typed items and writing correct items nearby or by way of footnote and putting initial.

This was because typed matter was not in memory of typewriter or other device and one has to put papers of typewriter and write again by typewriting.

Computerized typing:

Fortunately in computerized typing we have facility to keep saved typed matters   , make corrections and save or copy old one and edit and revise corrected document and save it separately. We have facility of cut and paste, copy and paste or save as new document and edit for changes. So it is much more simple , speedy and convenient in comparison to type writers.

Difficulties in computerized typing

However, in computerized typing, mistakes can be of different types due to various reasons related with computer hardware , software, hardware of key board, software of key board,  settings of languages and preferences etc.

In new software there are many options and we are not conversant with many.

Update of software, which is generally done by default at regular interval can change things about typing, without user being aware of it.

Many times some options might be changed by default or by error or by just some clicks unknowingly.

In case of word and number typing:

In case of typing of words detection of mistakes is easier and a vigilant writer who keep eyes of typed matte on screen can easily detect mistake and rectify. However, in typing of numerical - numbers, calculation marks, setting of numbers , rounding off, typing with decimals, and formulae etc. if there are mistakes in typing, it is difficult   to detect.

Consequences of wrong typing in case of numbers can be very far reaching.

Sudden problems in typing:

On 7th May 2022 while typing with my wireless key board on desktop I faced problems in typing. I was preparing for sending an urgent write-up. Unwanted mistakes were causing troubles and loss of time.

The problem was while typing in document and body of email both.

 So I typed the matter and compromised with mistakes and requested the addressee by message as follows, in beginning of write-up:

“Note: (Excuse me  and take care  of written words withhh some  mistakes):

Just some time before, there is some new sort of problem in typing on wireless key board. Some letters missing or repeated or some unwritten  letters appearing in typed  matter  . So some mistakes     can be  found in spite of corections.

EG: Soom etterss   ooorome  some mtakes   can be  foud  writeds

Please try to understand written words, even if such mistake is noticed in the following and try to get them corrected and revert back to me.

In case you have solution of this problem, please guide me.”

I checked and found that:

Key board is not very old. And just few days ago I changed batteries. As per system report it is working properly. Similar is case with mouse.

Key board and nearby area is clean, there was no dirt or particles of anything that could cause problem in functioning of keys.

Virus scanner was running. I stopped it but that did not help in overcoming problems in typing.

Ongoing through some informative webpages on typing errors some suggestions are about:

Insert key- Is an either/or function, so pressing it once may  causes it to insert text, and repressing it will replace text.

Caps lock key is for typing in capital or small letters. If it is on all type will be in capital. So it is better to press it only when required. However in my new wireless key board of Dell, there are no indication of caps lock being on or off. This is causing difficulties.

Num lock key  is to permit typing in numbers through numerical part of key board. Other number keys above letters are not effected by it. However in my new wireless key board of Dell, there are no indication of Num lock also  being on or off. This is causing difficulties.

Cursor  / mouse may be fast or slow. To adjust it mouse setting need to be checked and optimized.

UNDO and REDO in case of text  disappearing – can  try hitting the "undo" function several times to see if missed  text reappears. If not, we can hit redo to get back previous or position at start.           

Keyboard keys may not function or may not properly function-

Some, few , many or all keys  can stop working or certain features of the keyboard such as backlighting may stop working.

 This can be  result of a low battery, so try plugging the computer in or change battery of keyboard as the case may be.

Some form of moisture or liquid in the keyboard can also cause malfunction of  the keys .

Means and method available and applicable can be used to dry the key board surface and inner portions. For example compressed air can be used between the keys and let the keyboard dry.

Drivers :  malfunctioning can be due to variety of reasons related with software, hardware  including third-party software or a power issue. Uninstall and reinstall  of  drivers may help solving problems in keyboard.

Mother Board connectivity difficulties, non-compatibility etc. can be some of reasons for malfunctioning of key board.

Default setting:

There must be default settings for standard working. However, in windows 10  + operating system and  new computer I could not find option of default settings for many features. This may be because now-a-days options are so many that a default setting is not provided. Common user of computers is unable to fix appropriately many options. Regular updates of software and drivers  also can cause problems.


Readers are requested to share their experience by comments, discussion and new article and sharing other material available.


By: DEV KUMAR KOTHARI - May 10, 2022


Discussions to this article


Dear Sir,

Your articles are always with a difference and of crucial nature . Your article is reminiscent of an anecdote while I was in service as Inspector during the year 1986-87 when we depended wholly on manual type-writers. Every kind of draft (D.O. letter, SCN, Adjudication Order etc.) was to be approved by the Head (may be Deputy Collector or Collector). I always tried my best to be fool-proof in the draft meant for approval in the first attempt. The concerned officer would react as under :-

" You have not read your draft carefully before coming to me because there was not even a single correction by me with white fluids or cutting and writing again correctly.

I remained under posted under him for two years. I used to commit spelling mistakes/word errors knowingly on each page and correct the same with pen after cutting or with white fluid. That created the impression that draft was read thoroughly by me before coming to the boss and it was approved immediately by the Head without any loss of time.Self-corrections made the impression that draft was read by me thoroughly.. This practice made the boss very happy and thus I earned his good will. I adapted myself as per boss's whims because boss is always right. This practice continued for two years with an intent to save time.

Thanks & regards


Dated: 11/05/2022


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