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ZINDAGI KE SAATH BHEE ZINDAGI KE BAAD BHEE – is wrong even for policy holders.

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ZINDAGI KE SAATH BHEE ZINDAGI KE BAAD BHEE – is wrong even for policy holders.
June 9, 2022
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Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) listing and trading of shares – expectations belied, loyal investors (policy holders) lost the most.

ZINDAGI KE SAATH BHEE ZINDAGI KE BAAD BHEE – is wrong and misleading even for policy holders.


Public issue by way of initial public offering of shares (IPO) by the GOI  was considered a game changer for listed shares and further shares issues by government of India of shares of public sector companies. One of reason was opening of accounts with  large number of new investors  with DP / demat accounts by policy holders to avail preferential offer of shares to policy holders of LIC.

Listing of shares

On Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) on 17th May 2022 LIC IPO made debut with lot of fanfare at BSE  in presence of Chairperson  of LIC M R Kumar and the Secretary of  Department of Investment and Public Asset Management (DIPAM) Shri  Tuhin Kanta Pandey  at the time of ringing  the bell to celebrate the listing ceremony of LIC with lot of expectations of new shareholders of LIC, many of them are long-term loyal customers of LIC as policy holders and unit holders with theme in mind ZINDAGI KE SAATH BHEE ZINDAGI KE BAAD BHEE.

However, it disappointed when it started trading at unexpected low price of Rs.867.20 per share which was at discount of 8.62% from issue price of Rs.949 per share.

The share price of LIC is on consistent decline and it touched low of Rs.751.80 on 07.06.2022.

 As per share market data since listing, its share price saw highest of R.918.95  on NSE and Rs. 920 on BSE  which is also below the issue price.  Therefore, even luckiest allotted who could sell shares at highest price  on NSE also suffered loss of Rs.30 .05 per share and who sold at highest price at BSE also suffered loss of Rs.29 per share.

On 07.06.22 it traded on NSE in range of  751.80 and 772.90 with weighted average of 758.44 and closed at 753 per share. This is at discount of Rs. 196 and 20.65%

The fall is continuing – on 08.06.2022 price of LIC share has touched a new low of Rs.738.05 within 30 minutes of opening of share markets and falling trend is continuing.

On analysis we find that the response of foreign investors to the IPO was  muted and belied expectations. Is it that foreign investors are wiser when it comes to investing in India because they have no sentiments interfering their  investment decisions. Whereas, Indians have sentiments and long term relations with LIC that they made good response to IPO of LIC.

From news reports about  IPO:

ON or about 09.05.2022 the Secretary of  Department of Investment and Public Asset Management (DIPAM) Shri  Tuhin Kanta Pandey  has spoken on the following lines:

Strong response reflects Aatmanirbhar Bharat as it was lifted by domestic investors; overall IPO subscribed 2.95 times

The IPO was a record in terms of the number of applications, exceeding 60 lakh as per statement of some officials however, as per news reports merchant banking sources said that LIC IPO had received 73.37 lakh applications, which is a record in the Indian capital markets history.

While the portion set aside for policyholders was subscribed 6.11 times, employees bid 4.39 times the allotted quota and retail investors 1.99 times, and the reserved portion of qualified institutional buyers was booked 2.83 times and that of non-institutional investors’ 2.91 times.

“This issue response is a reflection of Aatmanirbhar Bharat. This issue has been domestically (by domestic investors) lifted. This IPO will deepen capital market and facilitate large number of investors to own shares in public sector organisations like LIC,” Pandey said.

Good returns were expected

Shri Sanjay Malhotra, Secretary the Department of Financial Services   had told that the pricing has been done on LIC’s core intrinsic value. “Let us look at it from a medium to long term. We are hopeful that the value offered would give good returns,”

And now: on BSE portal we find that since 03.06.2022 on all trading days price of shares of LIC has touched new low. As per following list of notifications:


Traded on new 52 Week Low value 738.10

08 Jun 2022

Traded on new 52 Week Low value 751.00

07 Jun 2022

Spurt in Volume by more than 1.04 times

07 Jun 2022

Traded on new 52 Week Low value 775.40

06 Jun 2022

Intimation Pursuant To Regulation 30 Of The SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015 Regarding New Product Launch

03 Jun 2022

Traded on new 52 Week Low value 800.00

03 Jun 2022

Author do not recall any trading day when share price of LIC touched upper circuit of price limit.

Share holding pattern:

AS per BSE information the promoter group holding indicates only one promoter shareholder holding 96.5% stake. Only 3.5% shares are held by public members numbering 4007528.

Therefore, in spite of very low floating stock the share price is falling.

Investors lost considerably

From market price trend of share price of LICI we find that investors have lost considerably and that too within very short period.

Therefore, it was totally wrong to say that IPO of LICI was indicator of ATMNIRBHARTA.

Is it not indicative of failure of government as major investor of LICI in corporate management?

In a social group, few days after listing of shares, one message was received meaning thereby LIC will not be profitable  during life, it may give benefit to your family / nominee only after you dies.

Author had suggested some people to go by saying and advertisement tagline of LIC ZINDAGI KE SAATH BHEE ZINDAGI KE BAAD BHEE and  to hold shares of LIC for life long and very long term. Now he is forced to think that  he was wrong.

Do not have sentimental attachments with shares of any company including LIC.

ZINDAGI KE SAATH BHEE ZINDAGI KE BAAD BHEE – is wrong   in respect of life insurance policies because the real return is very meager, if at all. Only after life nominee can get capital but appreciation is only if policy holder dies soon and not after living long life. Therefore, the advertisement tagline is wrong and misleading.

It  seems high time that LIC should change its advertisement tagline.   


By: DEV KUMAR KOTHARI - June 9, 2022


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While i do not know much about the stock market and depend on what the Gurus says, as for the present article, i request the author to get the following spellings corrected.

In the title the word used is "Jindagi", "Jindago" - i suppose the English equivalent would be "Zindagi"

Be that as it may, towards the end the author mentions "advertisement tangling". I was puzzled with the usage of the word "tangling" because it means "to unite or knit together in intricate confusion".

Perhaps, what the author meant was "Tagline".

Moral of the story - do not invest in any stock because there is a hype created around an issue!

Thanks and regards.

By: Sumit Srivastava
Dated: 09/06/2022

On 09.06.22 price of LICI share touched a new low of Rs.721.00 may fall further

THANKS SHRI Sumit Srivastava for your reading interest and pointing out spelling errors. Due to problems in word settings after recent updates, some error crept in data entry and processing took place.

I checked LICI also used Zindagi but Jindagi is also alternate spelling. Tagline is correct word.

I agree we ( including PS and assistants) need to be more careful in typing, selection of suggested words, corrections and review of final document before submitting.

I am requesting editors to make corrections in article.

Dated: 09/06/2022

Thanks to the Editor for quickly making corrections in some mistakes which crept in important words.

The price of shares of LICI touched a new low of Rs.710 on 10.06.2022 and it seems that bottom has not yet reached.

Dated: 10/06/2022

PRICE OF SHARES OF LICI TOUCHED A NEW LOW OF RS.651.00 ON 170622. As per BSE website recent important notifications about LICI shows that in spite in volume surge in number of shares traded new lows of price are faced on most of trading days. Summary of notifications as on 17.06.2022 reads as follows

Dated: 17/06/2022


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