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MCA update on V3 PArt 1

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MCA update on V3 PArt 1
CSLalit Rajput By: CSLalit Rajput
September 6, 2022
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MCA update on V3 – PArt 1

About MCA Version V3:

MCA21 V3 Project is a technology-driven forward looking project, envisioned to strengthen enforcement, promote Ease of Doing Business, enhance user experience, facilitate, seamless integration and data exchange among Regulators. The project will have Micro-services architecture with high scalability and capabilities for advanced analytics.

MCA21 version-3.0, envisioned to strengthen enforcement, promote Ease of Doing Business and rollout has been planned in phases to ensure minimum disruption in regulatory filings.

Key Updates:

  • 09 company forms (CHG-1, CHG-4, CHG-6, CHG-8, CHG-9, DIR-3 KYC, DIR-3 KYC WEB, DPT-3 and DPT-4) are scheduled to go-live on 01.09.2022 (00:00 hrs).
  • Remaining company forms and other modules like e-Adjudication, Compliance Management System are scheduled to be fully deployed within this Calendar Year.
  • In view of the upcoming launch of 09 Company forms in version-3, LLP filings on MCA21 V-3 portal will not be available from 27th Aug (00:00AM) to 28th Aug (23:59hrs).
  • However, MCA21 V-2 Portal for company filings will remain available.
  • Phase-1 of rollout was completed on 24th May 2021 with launch of e.Book, e. Consultation Modules and a revamped website.
  • As part of Phase-2, LLP Module for supporting all LLP filings was launched on 08th March 2022.
  • The 3rd version of the portal, a key platform to submit the required documents and filings under the Companies law and the Limited Liability Partnership Act, has leverage analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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By: CSLalit Rajput - September 6, 2022



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