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Quick Money? - A lesson from Uddhava Gita

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Quick Money? - A lesson from Uddhava Gita
By: Kishan Barai
April 10, 2018
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Many people come to me and ask how can I make money quickly in Export-Import Business?  

How many money will I make in this business?

Will I make crores of rupees in few days?

Due to such mindset, people take wrong steps without consulting right consultant and lose money in business. Exim Business is really great but the game is long term. 


You will definitely earn a lot of money but the focus should be on serving others so that you can really provide the best quality, as your focus is on services, people will love your business and will come back to you again and again and will also suggest many others. 

Think daily how can I serve my customers in a better way? This will help you to plant a seed of creativity in your mind. 

Lessons we can learn from Uddhav Gita 

1. You are your own teacher - we can learn via experience or experience of others of its well-being through direct perception and by drawing conclusions

2. The saintly person should learn from the mountain how one should always dedicate one's efforts for the good of others, and one's existence should only be for the sake of others; from the tree he should learn how to live for the very self of others

3. One should not express too much affection nor have a private association with anyone, otherwise one will always experience emotional suffering

4. The yogi philosopher should practise the habit of a honey bee, eating small portions of food from the
householders, without bothering them, for just as much as would operate the body.

5. However, a human being who controlled the other sense organs, cannot control all his senses consistently until he controls the organ of taste, for when the tongue is controlled, all other senses are consistently subdued.

6. Sometimes, even the wise person has no happiness, and the foolish one is very happy without misery. Thus pride is useless.

7. Neither of these attracts God, neither yoga discipline, Sāṅkhya analysis, religious duty nor the study
of the Vedas, nor penances, nor the disclaiming of the results of one’s activities, nor sincere ceremonial worship and the construction of religious and social facilities with related services, nor even charity. What attracts you towards God is only SMILE YOU BRING ON OTHER FACEsmiley

8. The highest charity is to relinquish aggression/ego

9. Austerity is defined as abandoning craving heroism. 

10. One should give respects by lying down like a rod on the ground, before even a dog, a human being with a lot of egos, a cow, or a donkey.

In uddhav Gita it is clearly mentioned that if problem occure then it is due to us; our karma not the fault of others , In that situation we should not blame us but we should think how we can improve.

I also suggest all to read my book OOZE by Kishan Barai which is Bestseller on Amazon under Mind, Body & Spirit Categories. Due to all your blessings, the book came at par to world-famous Motivational books "The Secret" & "Alchemist" based on Amazon Sales Rank. 

FULL PDF file is also available for FREE on


By: Kishan Barai - April 10, 2018


Discussions to this article


Dear Sir,

It is a unique article indeed. Other than field of taxation. I am all praise for such. It teaches how to live happily and how to serve nation.

Dated: 10/04/2018

Thank You Very Much smiley

By: Kishan Barai
Dated: 10/04/2018

Nice message.

By: Ganeshan Kalyani
Dated: 11/04/2018

Thanks once again.

By: Kishan Barai
Dated: 14/04/2018


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