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Automation of Central Excise & Service Tax

November 25, 2009
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Welcome to the world of convenience @ ACES. Automation of Central Excise & Service Tax (ACES), the new centralized and web-based software application of CBEC is now available to you. It can be accessed at It is designed to provide you an electronic interface with the department and aims at reducing paper work, visits to the departmental offices and improving transparency, accountability and efficiency in indirect tax administration in India.


It comprises the following modules:

    Access Control of Users (ACL) for departmental users

    Registration (REG): Registration of Central Excise & Service Tax Assesses

    Returns (RET): Electronic filing of Central Excise & Service Tax Returns and their scrutiny

    Refund (REF): Electronic filing and processing of Refund Claims

    CLI: Electronic filing and processing of claims, intimations and permissions including Special Procedures

    Provisional Assessment (PRA): Electronic filing and processing of request for provisional assessment

    Assessee Running Account: Information of credits and debits under the Current Account and CENVAT Credit Account, liabilities (confirmed and unconfirmed demands) and status of Bonds

    Dispute Resolution (DSR): Creation of case portfolios, Show Cause Notices, Personal Hearing Memos, Adjudication Orders, on line filing of Appeals with Commissioner (Appeals), Appellate Orders, Review and related processes

    Automated Report Generation

    Audit Module: Selection of units based on risk parametres

    Export Module: Processing of export-related Documents


    Online registration and amendment of registration details

    Electronic filing of documents such as Returns, Clauses, Intimations and Permissions

    Online tracking of the status of applications, claims, and permissions

    Online facility, to view documents like registration certificate, Returns, SCN, Order-in- Original etc.

    Internal messaging system for faster communication

    Application accessible from anywhere, anytime (24x7) through the Internet

    Online authentication of PAN with the Income Tax database

    Assistance of 'Know your location' for choosing correct jurisdictional office

    Online self learning tutorials (LMS), Users Manuals & FAQ's for help in using ACES


(a) New Assessee

If you are a new assessee, login to ACES at and choose the Central Excise or Service Tax link as the case may be Submit the form "Registration with ACES", by furnishing a self-chosen user ID and e-mail ID. System checks for availability of the chosen User Id and generates a password. It will be sent to your e-mail from

Login again and proceed with the statutory registration with Central Excise or Service Tax as the case may be, by filling- in Forms A-l, A-2 or ST-1. For security reasons, change password immediately

(b) Existing Assessee

    If you are an existing assessee, you need not take fresh registration with the department. You have to only register with ACES

    A mail will be sent from .in to your e-mail ID, as available in the existing registration data base, indicating a TPIN and password. The mail will contain a hyperlink to the website, by clicking it, you can proceed to register with ACES

(c) Non-Assessee

    This category of registration is given in ACES to any individual, firm or company, who are not assessees but who require to transact with the Central Excise or Service Tax Department, such as

          Merchant Exporter


          Refund Applicant other than registered taxpayers

          Persons who have failed to obtain CE/ST registration as required under the law and against whom the Department has initiated proceedings and

          Persons who are required to tender any payment under CE/ST laws, rules & regulations

    Where such persons desire to seek non-assessee registration they have to follow the same steps as in the case of a new assessee

    In case the user wants to take such a registration for claiming any refund or rebate it is mandatory to provide a valid PAN A Non-assessee registration can also be given by the designated officer of the Commissionerate

    The Non-assessees are not required to file any tax returns

(d) Large Tax Payer Unit (LTU) Client

    If you want to opt for LTU scheme, submit the consent form to your jurisdictional LTU officer. It will be processed off-line and then uploaded to ACES

    All pending items of work will be transferred to the concerned LTU automatically and intimation will be sent

If you are approved as an LTU client, and want to register a new unit, submit the registration application in ACES. The system will automatically attach the new unit with the concerned LTU

    On the basis of PAN details in the registration form

    If you are an existing LTU client, the process of registration is same as explained for existing assesses

(e) Important

    Ensure that registration database in the exiting SACER/SAPS systems is updated to include your valid and current e-mail ids and Constitution of Business. Please contact your jurisdictional officer for updation

    After Introduction of ACES in your Commissionerate, if you do not receive the e-mail, you should contact the jurisdictional Range Officer to confirm/ modify your e-mail ID, after which the system will send you a new e-mail communicating the TPIN and password

    While choosing  Username remember that username once selected is permanent and cannot be changed

    Change Passwords at regular intervals

    Check your bulk/spam folder periodically for any communication from ACES


All returns such as ER-1, ER-2 etc. in Central Excise and ST-3 in Service Tax can be prepared and filed online through ACES

Offline return preparation utilities are also available at ACES website for download which can be used of preparing and uploading the returns at your convenience

Always use the latest version of offline utility

Service Desk@ACES

In case of any difficulty in accessing or using the ACES Application, Assesses can seek help of the ACES Service Desk by sending e-mail to or calling up national toll-free number 1800 425 4251 on any working day from Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 7 PM


    To use ACES following minimum systems requirements are prescribed:

    Processor: Intel Pentium III and Higher

    RAM: 256 MB and higher

    HDD: 80 GB and more

    Web Browser: IE 6.0 and above, Netscape 6.2 and above

    MS Excel 2003 and above for using offline utilities

    Sound Card, Speakers/Headphones, Colour Monitor for using

    Learning Management System (LMS)

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