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  1. Goods and Services Tax - FINANCE (No.2) BILL, 2019
  4. Retrospective Amendments of GST rate notifications - FINANCE (No.2) BILL, 2019
  5. Facility of Form SUGAM (ITR-4) - List of person who are eligible and who are not eligible to avail the facility of simple ITR-4 SUGAM form - For the AY 2019-20
  6. Facility of Form SAHAJ (ITR-1) - List of person who are eligible and who are not eligible to avail the facility of simple ITR form - For the AY 2019-20
  7. Levy of GST on providing back office support services, payroll processing, to main records of employees and after finalization of purchase / sale between the client and its customers.
  8. Can a Non-Resident claim deduction u/s 80QQB for royalty income ?
  9. What is the minimum donation limit to get tax deduction u/s 80GGA?
  10. What are the conditions to claim deduction u/s 80GG?
  11. Is loan taken in name of any family member is eligible for deduction u/s 80E?
  12. What is the main difference between deduction u/s 80U & u/s 80DD of the Act?
  13. Can a taxpayer claim deduction u/s 80DD for himself?
  14. Whether deduction u/s 80D is allowed if expenditure is made in cash?
  15. Can an individual pay medical insurance premium for spouse and claim deduction u/s 80D?
  16. Can a Guardian claim tax benefit u/s 80CCG if investment is done in the name of Minor?
  17. Can a non resident individual join NPS u/s 80CCD?
  18. Whether deduction u/s 80CCC is allowed only to the resident individuals?
  19. Whether education fees can be claimed as deduction u/s 80E and 80C both?
  20. Whether the post office savings scheme is eligible for deduction u/s 80C?
  21. Whether the repayment of loan taken for renovation/repair of house property is eligible for deduction u/s 80C?
  22. Whether section 80C allows deduction on re payment of housing loan?
  23. What kind of deduction is available for deduction u/s 80C?
  24. Who can take the benefit u/s 80C?
  25. While clubbing income of minor with the parent's income, the investment made by the minor u/s 80C also can be claimed as a deduction?
  26. Can a self employed individual claim the benefit of HRA u/s 10(13A)?
  27. Does actual payment of rent is required to claim HRA deduction u/s 10(13A)?
  28. Whether an employee is allowed deduction u/s 10(13A) even if he owns a house property?
  29. Whether a person is allowed HRA exemption even if he do not have the HRA component in his salary but he pays rent?
  30. Whether exemption of HRA is allowed if rent is paid to any family members?
  31. What is the treatment of payment at the time of termination from un-recognised provident fund u/s 10(12)?
  32. Whether a husband-wife both can claim LTA u/s 10(5)?
  33. Is it possible to claim LTA Twice in a Year u/s 10(5)?
  34. Can the Leave travel concession u/s 10(5) be carried forward?
  35. Can an individual claim the LTA u/s 10(5) in case of Switch of JOB?
  36. What type of expenses are covered under Leave Travel expense u/s 10(5)?
  37. Whether the exemption u/s 10(38) is avaliable if the transaction is undertaken on a stock exchange located in any International Financial Service Centre?
  38. Whether Shares acquired as Gift from someone, are eligible for exemption u/s 10(38) at the time of sale?
  39. Whether an enhanced compensation by any court or other authority shall be included u/s 10(37)?
  40. Whether the income on transfer of units is also exempt u/s 10(35)?
  41. Whether the exemption u/s 10(34A) on income arising due to buyback of shares applies on Long Term Capital Gains or Short Term Capital Gains?
  42. What are the cases where any sum received for life insurance policy u/s 10(10D) shall be exempt.
  43. What type of incomes shall be exempted u/s 10(8)?
  44. What are the conditions specified u/s 10(23A) for claiming exemption on Income of some Professional Institutions?
  45. What are the conditions as specified u/s 10(21) to avail exemption of any income of a research association, approved under section 35(1)(ii)/(iii)?
  46. As per section 10(19A), if the annual value of any one palace in the occupation of a former ruler, is let out, then whether its income shall be exempted?
  47. Whether any amount received as family pension by any member of the family of an individual who has been in the service of Government or has been awarded ‘Vir Chakra’, shall be taxable?
  48. A partner of the firm/LLP receives interest on capital and remuneration from the firm/LLP. Whether such interest and remuneration shall also be exempt u/s 10(2A).
  49. Whether an amount received by an Individual (a co-parcener to the HUF) from this HUF would be taxable in his hands.
  50. Change in accounting policy - When is to be changed - What should be the basis for change in accounting policy



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