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Issue Id: - 117727
Dated: 23-12-2021

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Dear Sir/Madam

We (registered person) are providing painting services to our Gst registered clients namely -

1.Painting of cargo containers

2.Painting of industrial gas cylinders

3.Painting of Iron structures like racks

4.Painting of Oil tanks etc.,

Whether we have to treat it as job work service or painting service ?

“job work” means any treatment or process undertaken by a person on goods belonging to another registered person and the expression “job worker” shall be construed accordingly;

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1 Dated: 24-12-2021
By:- Alkesh Jani


First instance, it seems to be job work, but when Job work is undertaken, the principal has to declare the place of job worker as the additional place of business and activities are performed at the place of job worker. Further, location of supplier and location of the recipient is also required to be taken into account. If we peruse the definition of inputs, the cargo containers etc., are likely to be capital goods, if so, it is out of ambit of inputs. As supplier may not be aware of capital goods or inputs, it is not wise to treat this as “Job work”.

Further, the activity undertaken in the instant case can also be classified under maintenance and repair service HSN Code 998711. Further, the painting service as given under HSN Code 995473, as per explanatory note, painting services is within the group of ‘Building completion and finishing services.’

The query needs some clarification such as, where the activity is undertaken? The Colour (material) is of the supplier or of the recipient? Is it a contractual base or otherwise?


2 Dated: 24-12-2021

Sh.Alkesh Jani Ji,

Your views are full of substance. HSN 995473 starts with, "This service includes ---------." I mean to say that painting service is not restricted to the services mentioned at serial no.i,ii,iii,iv v under HSN 995473. This HSN also covers other painting services meant for movable properties as mentioned in the query.

In my view, it is not job-work. It can be classified be under the category of renovation, maintenance etc. but not under job-work.

3 Dated: 24-12-2021
By:- Alkesh Jani

Shri Kasturiji Sir,

Thanks for your reviews. However, in the instant case, a thought for composite or mixed supply may also be given.


With Regards

4 Dated: 24-12-2021
By:- Alkesh Jani

Please read 'views' instead of 'reviews'

5 Dated: 24-12-2021

Sh.Alkesh Jani Ji,

Yes. I agree with you to the extent of composite supply inasmuch as painting material and painting service are integrally linked. You may say naturally bundled. However, we are not aware of full facts of the issue. Our reply is always based on what is disclosed to us in the query. Even minor change in the facts and circumstances can change the whole scenario or classification of service/rate of tax..

6 Dated: 24-12-2021
By:- Alkesh Jani

Shri Kasturiji Sir,

I fully agree with you. That is the reason clarification was sought from the querist. The other reason is each of the above activity is supplied to same recipient or to the others is not known. Each activity can be classified under different HSN code. If racks or oil tanks are fixed to earth, gas cylinders are part of the plant and machinery etc.


With Regards

7 Dated: 24-12-2021

Sh.Alkesh Jani Ji,

YES. In any way, this painting service will not qualify as job-work.

8 Dated: 25-12-2021
By:- Shilpi Jain

What is the implication whether it is job work or not? Maybe only procedural aspects.

In this case the painting undertaken can be considered as a process on the goods belonging to others.. can be Considered as job work and compliance be done under law.

Also if this view would mean 12percent rate of tax if the principal is a registered person

9 Dated: 27-12-2021

Thank you all

Actually definition of job work is defined very vaguely in Gst Act.

Even repair work on goods can be considered as Job work, if we strictly go with the definition.

But this may not be the intention of law maker.Law maker failed to include his intention in the definition.

If that is the case there is no need to give separate SAC codes for job work services , Repair and maintenance services, cleaning /washing services,Painting services, Technical testing services on goods etc., which requires some treatment or process on goods belongs to others.

Further as per Gst Act, job work and manufacturing defined separately.

In Scheme of classification of services - Heading 9988 speaks about "Manufacturing services on physical inputs (goods) owned by others"

But in Gst rate notification, 9988 - Words "Manufacturing services" and "Job work services" are used interchangeably.

Main problem in Gst - When Act says some thing Rules say some other thing, When act and rules says some thing Gst website (returns filing) says some other thing.

We wish to cover any "any treatment or process undertaken by a person on goods belonging to another registered person" under Job work service, only if it is not covered under any other specific service category like repairs.

10 Dated: 27-12-2021

Dear Querist,

I agree with your views regarding vagueness and ambiguity. You are in a dilemma whether to opt for job work or not. In other words, whether to resort to 12 % or 18 % rate. In my view, the safer and better option is to opt for Advance Ruling.

11 Dated: 27-1-2022
By:- CAHemanth Kumar

Agreed with Kasturi Sethi Sir,

May be the option of advance ruling can be chosen. Once we go for advance ruling stress should be given on classification and not on rate of tax. If we go for rate of tax, high changes to say that it is not a JW services.


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