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rcm for onion transport, Goods and Services Tax - GST

Issue Id: - 118184
Dated: 9-10-2022
By:- giri gattupalli
rcm for onion transport

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respected sir,

one of my clint is a gst registered regular dealer dealing in onions which are gst exempted goods.he purchases onions (whin in state) and pay transport charge to lorry about amounting to rs 30,000 thousands and above.whether he is liable to pay gst in reverse change mechanism if yes at which rate. please discuss with considering that onions are exempted goods under gst .

thanking you

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1 Dated: 10-10-2022

Whether onion is dehydrated or not ? Pl. clarify.

2 Dated: 10-10-2022
By:- giri gattupalli

namaste sir. not dried or not subjected to any type of processing. purchaged straight from agricultural market. and please suggest about freight expenses paid to transport of aqua feed (prawn feed which is exempted under gst ) also .

thanking you

3 Dated: 11-10-2022

Onion (unprocessed) is an agriculture produce. Transportation of agriculture produce by road is exempted from GST vide Notification No.12/17-CT(R) as amended.(Serial No.21). Pl note that GTA services are taxable even if exempted goods are transported subject to certain conditions/factors.

Aqua/Prawn feed is another issue. Pl.elaborate how it is linked to onion.

4 Dated: 12-10-2022
By:- giri gattupalli

respected sir,

thanks for your kind information. please clarify whether exemption for payment of gst under rcm available only for agricultural produce or for all exempted goods like aqua feed etc .please discuss

thanking you

5 Dated: 12-10-2022

Specific exemption for GTA service is available. For example milk, vegetable, pulses, food grain flour, organic manure, Defence equipment etc.

If goods are exempted from GST, that will not be the criteria for availing exemption from GST for providing GTA Services.

In order to clarify further, No exemption from GST for GTA service ia available to aqua feed (though exempted goods)

6 Dated: 12-10-2022
By:- giri gattupalli

thank you sir. doubt cleared.

7 Dated: 15-10-2022
By:- Bharat Cholleti

Thank you kasturi sir


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