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GSTR1 Late fee, Goods and Services Tax - GST

Issue Id: - 118227
Dated: 14-11-2022
By:- Bharat Cholleti
GSTR1 Late fee

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Dear sir,

How much is the GSTR-1 late fee and its notification number please

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1 Dated: 14-11-2022

See Notification No.4/18-CT dated 23.1.18 as amended by 75/2018-C.T. dated 31-12-2018,74/2019-C.T. dated 26-12-2019, 4/2020-C.T. dated 10-01-2020, 33/2020-C.T. dated 03-04-2020, 53/2020-C.T. dated 24-06-2020, 20/2021-C.T. dated 01-06-2021.

2 Dated: 15-11-2022
By:- Bharat Cholleti

Thank you sir,

in current year 2022 latest is there any

3 Dated: 15-11-2022

No notification has been issued after 1.6.21 on this issue.This is the latest.


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