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Issue Id: - 4234
Dated: -07-06-2012
By:- Mridul Sethi
Export Incentive


pls let me clear that if we export goods after paying duty, then what amount we can claim from department:-

1.duty paid on export or 

2. any incentive on export or both(also rate of incentive on tariff chapter 40)

also plz let me know the procedure with relevant notifications of the both cases.



Mridul Sethi

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Dated: - 08-06-2012
By: - Pradeep Khatri

If you remove goods for export on payment of excise duty, then, after submission of proof of export, you may file an application for getting rebate claim to the concerned authorities.

Further, following options are available to you if you use imported goods in manufacturing of finished goods and subsequently removed such goods for export purpose, namely:-

  1. Duty Drawback under section 75 of the customs act
  2. All Industry drawback in lieu of DEPB, CUSTOMS Notification No 68/2011 (NT)
  3. Refund of service tax  on actual basis or % basis under Notification No. 52/2011.

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